Aikar and Maxarias' treasure map

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Soybeen, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. Hello! Recently today I discovered a chest in the wilderness, covered by 6 Stone Brick slabs, and 28 Endstone. A sign over the chest read "Aikar's Treasure Chest" or something along those lines. Inside the chest was a map titled Treasure Slip. The description read something like: "Show to Maxarias or Aikar to redeem a free vault"

    Being the overly curious person I am, I quickly rushed home to examine it, and the first thing I did was Right Click.

    Big mistake. It turned the treasure slip into a regular map, no longer titled "Treasure Slip" in green letters. I still remember the exact place I found it: on the side of a mountain biome with 2 furnaces nearby.

    Think this is still redeemable?
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  2. Probably not. :(
  3. You will have to ask Aikar or Max about that one, I dont think that anyone can confirm that you actually found it.
  4. Well now at least we all know not to open them up!
    I am sure if you can show Aikar or Max where you found it or tell them the Coords they can help you!
  5. Hmm... If they remember that's what it said, and that's where they put it, they might give it to you. I'd PM them, they'll see it faster.
  6. I think they will still redeem it for you. They first made them with maps. Then switched to Paper later on. I would also send them a screenshot of the place if it isn't to far away.
  7. I seem to remember Aikar saying he didn't remember where he hid them.
  8. Well in my haste to find the coordinates in hopes the area was unchanged, I was permabanned for a speed mod :)
  9. lulz
  10. Wait what. ()_() How does that get a " :D " ()_o
    Well i guess that Free vault isnt much good now......
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  11. I suppose not. Lesson to be learned: Don't have your friends mod the hell out of your client.
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  12. would you not already know you had a modded client -_-
    That excuse is as old as "My dog ate my homework " -_- and about as effective.
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  13. No I knew, I was just informed it was some new undetectable one.
    Nodus is Nodus whichever way you spin it.
  14. Uh huh
  15. Fail... >_<
  16. Really blows though. I was with EMC since it was single servered. :C
    Debatably going to become Gold Supporter.
    Ah well, the site is fun too. Maybe some day I can get an appeal.
  17. Wow, member since 2011...
  18. Aye.. all it takes is one mistake to trash it all.
    It was for a good reason, though. I have never exploited EMC up until that point.
  19. You have just lost the respect of most people here.
  20. A free vault was at stake. My deletion of the map only heightened my anxiety to claim some evidence before a drastic change occurred.

    Too slow, I suppose.
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