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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ivonator123, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. If you know me, as Ivonator123 I don't lie. It was someone in my relation that griefed LLO. I have 3 brothers. The youngest owns, MC_FTW_MC Account. I hope I can host EMC Olympics, if he replies to me. I don't need to be unbanned, but just a message going out to everyone. Don't hate on me. :)
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  2. Thanks for admitting and not doing a ban appeal in forums
  3. I would not mind getting unbanned, anyways.
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  4. It was still your fault for letting this happen. But at least you didn't make some super lame excuse. Nice job.
    Now this thread will go on for 4 pages until locked. I predict it.
    Edit: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-new-permanent-ban-stance.15455/
    Now it looks like you're blaming it on your brothers and asking for a ban appeal/removal. Well the answer is no. You should of stop yourself or someone else from griefing in the first place. Good bye.
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  5. I don't consider it my fault, it was not me. It was in my "IP".
  6. Why didn't you attempt to stop it then? It was partially your fault and EMC Staff has to consider that just because you have brothers doesn't mean you get away scot free. Do you understand? :)
  7. No. Different people, my friend. I don't watch my brother.
  8. You know, theres a main post for a reason :) " I don't need to be unbanned, but just a message going out to everyone. Don't hate on me. :)"
  9. I dont mean to be any sort of catalyst, butttttttt its your fault for letting your brother know your password... If your MC launcher remembers your password, it is your fault for having it saved, thus leading to him having access to it.
  10. Same IP <> same account, jk.
  11. So you didn't do the griefing?
  12. They banned the IP not the account.
    *At least what I think is going on*
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  13. Wow.. That's awesome!

    I'll kill 9001 people with a knife.. a butter knife to be exact.. and after I'm in jail cause they know its me.. I'm going to be all like... I ADMIT IT! I've killed all of these people! And then they be all like ._. We already knew mate... Still have fun dying in prison...

    Makes no difference,they already know it was you.. and you won't get appealed! (If it wasn't you than the other person then)

    You earned it.. have it then,don't be regretting what you've done when you already knew the consequences,it makes me mad... People whining for their mistakes even though they knew that was coming they still did it.. Like maybe if you didn't knew the rules (Some how lol) or common sense (lol) you'd have a "valid" excuse..
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  14. I am confused because he is saying something that would slightly contradict what the mods told me but it seems feasible.
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  15. I'm glad my kids are well-behaved. We have three accounts between us using the same connection.
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  16. Guys what happened was MC_FTW_MC was caught griefing the LLO. Several of us caught him. They apparently banned his IP so now anyone in his house can't get on even if they didn't do anything. It's not Ivon's fault really, he just happens to have a "brother" who broke the rules and ruined it for everyone on that IP.
  17. But Aikar said Ivon was moving towards the LLO.:confused:
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  18. Some of this sounds like it needs to be discussed outside of this thread.
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