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  1. hey there all,
    is anyone aware of a change to the hunger bar, as when i'm out in the waste my hunger is dissapearing so quick. Even when i'm stood still doing nothing, it will go to zero in about 3mins, and if left i'm dead in about 5mins. Not seen any updates for this , so wondered if any 1 else has noticed this??
  2. First of all, I recommend checking the Minecraft Wiki page about hunger:
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  3. There was a bug before that made hunger disappear rapidly. I don't know if mojang fixed it but you should be able to close minecraft and open it back up to fix that. Otherwise, emc has player settings that effect hunger. The difficulty setting which you can see by doing /diff. 5 is default but you can change it from 1-10
  4. From what I know about hunger in Minecraft, it supposes to not deplete when you're standing still, unless you're taking or dealing damage or mining blocks.
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  5. I noticed this a couple of updates ago(1.6?) but only mentioned it in the update thread back in May. It didn't attract Aikar's attention and since it comes and goes, for me at least, I didn't follow through:

    I checked then and now on our and mojang's issue tracker. Did not find anything on ours and Mojang had a few reports but they were all marked Resolved with the comment: "Works as intended". If you have ever experienced this, you would not agree that it is working normally.

    I have wondered if maybe the server thinks you are sprinting when you actually are not. The food usage over time seems similar, but it happens regardless of what you are doing.

    It can be annoying and a little worrisome, having a certain amount of food you are used to taking with you then all of a sudden you are eating it all up and leaving you open to not being able to heal if you are attacked.

    When it happens I have tried switching servers and it will do it on one server but not the other, but then still won't stop. It has been a while, but I think I remember trying completely exiting out of my client also. It happens sporadically and thankfully stops eventually on its own, or maybe, I do something unintentionally that stops it.
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  6. ^^^ that is exactly my experience.
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  7. In the Mojang issue comments, someone posted a video that clearly demonstrates the problem. Notice the hunger bar pulsing:

    If this is intended behavior, why doesn't it always happen? Maybe it is Mojang's bug and something EMC can't do anything about.
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  9. thanxs 4 that, it was wierd i been on emc fa 6mnth an its only just started, so cheers 4 help
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  10. What food do you eat? Saturation plays a factor. Meats like steak and porkchops offer high while cookies and melons do not. Saturation is how fast hunger will deplete.
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  11. yes, so if you are using carrots or melons, your food will continue to go down faster and if you where to eat stake, it would take longer to go down...
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  12. so it ain't just me, real annoying
  13. i eat steak all the time i have a cow stock, an i went to the waste an took 64 with me an i was eatin 1 every minute if standin and if diggin and runnin it was 3 a minute..crazy...but tonight i came on an it ain't happened yet
  14. The thing that made ma head blow up, was i lost my power4/unbreak3/punch2/flame2 bow, and my best armour and pickaxe they were all so OP,,,,,i was ragin!!!! i'm all chilled now..hahahahaha
  15. If you are on in an hour I might be able to help you with that :)
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  16. This happens to me all the time. Sometimes I just feel like I'm having to eat way too often, other times I'm afk and when I come back my food bar is at 0 and I'm down to half a heart. When this happens I just log out and back in again, eating doesn't help.
    But still I don't think you would die because of it on EMC. I play at difficulty 7 and my life just goes down to half a heart, never killing me. So, unless a higher difficulty does kill you, I believe you died because of something other than starvation.
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  17. normally if i'm off 4 a drink ill bury ma self in a hole, an when i got back i was dead, didn't know what had happened. After i tried it again, when i got bak i was on 1/2 heart an no food, so i put 2 an 2 2gether, an i spoke too soon its started goin on again 5 mins ago so i went bak 2 my res/shop.......puzzled is me word of the day
  18. This happened to me today, but only on my first visit to smp3. I was killing every animal I came across and it still wasnt enough, I felt like a werewolf in a famine. It was weird.
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  19. thanx 4 that, sorry i didn't catch ya, but nice1 for the offer, wierd thing is, it happen 1 day then not the next, so
  20. glad sum1 else has seen it so i'm not goin mad...hahaha