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  1. Hi there! I'm Kat I recently joined the server earlier this morning and just blew through the tutorial and looking forward to learning how everything works so I am still slowly reading the wikiemc.. Any who's I'm from Texas, I have been gaming now for 22 years and still going strong. I enjoy a variety of Online & Console games... MMORPG's are my favorite but since I found Minecraft I found it really intriguing, being able to build anything you could possibly think of... I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know everyone <3 I have lately enjoyed recreating some of my favorite areas/expansions from WoW atm in Mc... I can post pics if u choose to check em out :D

  2. Welcome to EMC! Hope your enjoy it here :)
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  3. Thank you, I hope I do too.. I'm still learning the /server thing and still deciding on where to set up Residence.. :p
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  4. Welcome to the Empire, Kat!
    I hope you enjoy your time here n.n

    If you need help with anything just ask on the forums :p
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  5. Hey! Welcome to the empire! Enjoy your stay! :)
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  6. Welcome to EMC! As I tell all the new members... well, most of them... ok, a few of them... I just know you'll love it! It really is the best server I've ever found, and I think you'll find that it will be one of your favorites as well!
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  7. Welcome to the Empire Kat! I hope you like it here
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  8. unghhh colourssszzzzzzzz

    In other news, Welcome!
  9. Welcome! I'm from Texas, too! Do you play League of Legends?
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  11. Welcome to the Empire Kat! Hope you like it here! May I suggest SMP 4, it's full of fun and great people ;)
  12. Welcome! Smp1 always has great debates ;) But I'm always on smp3 too so I can help everywhere
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  13. Welcome to EMC!
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  14. NO. NO. SMP9
  15. Smp9 is boring. Smp4 is where it's at ;)
  16. If you haven't joined a server yet, smp7 needs new blood!
    Welcome to the empire!
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  17. lol :p
    Welcome, hope you enjoy yourself on the servers ;)
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  18. I want to give a huge thanks for all the warm welcomes, At this present time I have chosen to start out on SMP9 for now... Of course that was before I had read any of these posts :p Phew! I need to keep up, I'm already slacken' :p Now I am off to gather materials and ponder about what type of masterpiece I will create with this lovely 60x60 plot <3 C-ya guys around the Server <3

  19. Le epic.
    For coming to smp9, i here give you ten thousand rupees to help you build your new empire! aka here's 10k, don't waste it. :D
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  20. Hey, I hope you really like it here everyone is a great bunch : )