How Would You Go About Smuggling Human Blood Diamonds?

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  1. I don't really NEED an answer, I am just interested to know how you would all do it. I would put a secret compartment in an old lady's passport that contains nothing. Then, with all suspicion eradicated, no one would think to look in the lining of her left sock. The lining would be a thin sheet of blood diamond. Geeze I'm tired. I didn't even think this question through. Oh well, enjoy sharing your inner psychopath.
  2. That's easy, take over the country, bring blood diamonds, and sell them.
  3. Who needs blood diamonds when you can just dig down to y:11 and find some of your own? :p
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  4. Hand them to HSBC, tell them the diamonds are drug money.
  5. Each day, ride a bike to the place you want with a bag of sugar in your backpack. The police will check the backpack for any illegal substances but not the bicycle handlebars.
  6. Assume they had dogs that sniff out contraband...what then?
  7. Don't want them to sniff out blood diamonds. Soak them in illegal drugs so they do not catch you with blood diamonds.
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  8. i would buy them from de beers....
  9. When I was in the business of smuggling, we used some drastic ideas. Many involved modifying bikes, so that you can fit substances in the frame. Some other crazy ideas I had were using the space where the electronics are in guitars. I still think I have something in my bass -_- Now if you will excuse me, my helicopter to Moscow just arrived. I will get back to you on some more ideas when I get back. /jk
  10. Eat the blood diamonds, and erm... when I reach my destination, you know...
  11. Easy, Unmanned Drone Swarms.
    If you gonna do it, do it right.
  12. 1. Become wall street executive.
    2. Carry them on boats. Even if you get caught, nothing will happen!!!!
  13. i think you guys are underestimating how east it is to "smuggle" blood diamonds anywhere

    like you can literally have them in your hand and go anywhere.

    smuggling things in general isnt that hard unless its drugs in america.
  14. Bumping for the new generation of Empire Minecrafters. Enjoy!

  15. I know your creator of this thread but please respect the red text.
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