How was starting out for you?

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  1. Hey everyone, title says it all. What were your first days / weeks / months on EMC?


    I started quite a while ago (internet speaking) To put it in perspective, I was starting 5th grade and right now I am on vacation between freshman and sophomore. My brother had joined because he wanted to play with a friend and for a short time we split a residence (hence why half of it was pristine :p ) I remember a lot of things being different. The shop was much smaller and a lot more simple (and obviously less overpriced than today) The head admins were (as you may know) JustinGuy and IceCreamCow, and you hardly ever encountered any other staff members... the only one I had encountered until all these changes came though was Aikar when he was just a dark green mod

    Anyhou, things were pretty cool back then. There was no wasteland so the wilderness (nowadays ; frontier) was always a wreck. I remember that it reset when the 1.0 update pushed through and it reverted back to it's destroyed state within about 3 days. It was hard to gather resources without diving deep into the wilderness and often it really wasn't worth it. Over this time I would struggle to open a shop, not like how it was and tear it down and start anew. I was surprised at the amount of shops there. If anything, it was harder to make a good shop back then due to the lack of wastelands (they really did change the game, imo) A lot of the people I remember so well from the early days of EMC are long gone now.

    Oh and by the way, voting? It was only minestatus and gave 50 rupees a day :p Also, diamonds used to cost as low as 25r :(

    There was a small period of time in which I had no functioning computer (I believe between minecraft v1.1 and v1.2)

    Speaking of v1.2, one of those updates introduced (finally) new wooden planks for their respective log types as well as jungle biomes. I actually, to this day, have "Wooden Planks" (They would now be labled "Oak Wood Planks" or something like that) Fun fact of the day :p

    There was another big blank period because I had a lot of conflicts irl and not a lot of time for games.

    I came back around 1.2.4, close to the 1.3 update. There was loads of hype ; it added all sorts of things like villager trading, new biomes (I believe?) desert temples, all sorts of cool stuff. I appreciated one of the few things that didn't affect EMC ; LAN worlds :p

    At around this time I had accumulated enough rupees to just buy a ton of materials and really get working on a good shop. At this time I still couldn't build for the life of me and it looked super ugly. Also around this time I got my own minecraft account ; the one I use to this day named Endermonkey42. Previously I had been using my brother's, JPSeabury (now Nefian) I had two residences and a little extra rupee boost. Through the time my residences made all sorts of transformations. (I distinctly remember the numbers ; 3891 and 3349)

    It bounced between little ski hills (I am a skiing nut, so not by surprise I made two of these :p )
    A big cluster of random buildings (some serving different purposes)
    completely failed shops

    It was basically an endless loop of that until the horse update. (I believe that is 1.6? I forget exactly) In which I tore down all but a little portion of one residence which was a little ski area and turned that into an elevation. Underneath had all my storage and crafting and farming and on top I was working on a big shop project. It still looked super ugly but I kind of took pride in it since It was honestly one of the best I had done so far. Around this time I think the wastelands were introduced. It was a massive improvement over the trashed out (and newly renamed) frontier worlds, eventually came waste nether as well. The empire shop had an overhaul sometime around here (it was cool to look at, I only had to use it like once) I built a horse racing track and hosted a few races among fellow players. My horses weren't anywhere near as good as some other people's but I enjoyed trying to keep up :p

    At around the time of the 300k event I won an iron supporter voucher and my ugly mall upon the plateau came down as well as everything inside it. I built a weird shop that only lasted for like a month that was called the shipyard, and decided it was a little hard to get around inside so that came down and I built another which actually stayed up for a while and was pretty good. I got a gold supporter voucher and enjoyed my 2nd residence quite a bit and decided to (you guessed it) build another shop there. Thing is I wound up with another bunch of conflicts and went inactive for quite a while but finally finished it. That's about where I am today, and hoping to finally get a decent shop rolling on the smp where there is hardly any good shops left (or at least it seems)

    So anyways that's basically my EMC autobiography right there, you don't need to tldr the heck out of yours like I did but feel free to share your stories below :)

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  2. When I join almost two years ago, I was play in on my first day(I think) and someone came and asked if I wanted to buy a beacon. I told him I did have enough money, so he said "well I need the money so will you take it for 200r?". Ahh that day was great.

    Side note: No I wasn't scamming him out of a bunch of money, I thought they want for 2K or so
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  3. I joined nearly 2 years ago, and it was great! O met so many people, sadly alot of them left :(
    But I also loved the old mob arena! And I remember my first time at FNM XD I was such a noob! But I love emc!
  4. My first time on EMC was actually in smp7 (when i intended to join smp8 cause thats where my friends were). Didnt know about vault so i kinda lost all my starter gear, as i put it in a chest while unclaiming the residence. The next days i did a small drop parties (5min) but decent rewards, created a rectangular house, created a zoo at my friends res, helped build a castle. The. Finally i learned the wil existed(i should had payed attention to the tutorial i guess...) so i just went to the nether wild and created a portal next to spaw, made a base there, i gathered stuff there(yes i know waste exist now*). Then i kinda left. Then a year later i joined back and i lost my res so i spent time at my friends res and claim a new one(which i think was a spawn res, i didnt really care) it was next to the horse track, giant wheat farm and the giant horse statue. My neighbors were nice, and in that moment i remet ulti so i rebecame friend with him
  5. I Joined about four years ago, Tom (Tomvanwijnen) was sitting next to me, we both at my "old" laptop (it was quite good for a laptop those days, but it isn't annymore) The funny thing is: I had never had Any Englisch lessions before, so, in the first days I asked "we wunt too bui a ensjanted boek" instead of "who wants to buy an enchanted book" wich, obviously, wasn't really usefull. (once try to take a look at my first emc forum posts, it's really funny) An other funny thing was those days: I did always want to have "the cheapes shop on emc" wich resulted I was selling melons 300 for 1r, and other weird things. but, but, I was WAY active those days, so I actually made about 10r a day with thease shops, wich is quite much for such sheap shops :)

    an other fun thing is that I did NEVER go to the wastelands, and I really mean NEVER, I think the first time I went to the wild/wastelands, was while I was Gold supporter, I think that's 1.5 year AFTER I joined :)
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