How to trap and kill a Momentus

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  1. This video will teach you how to trap and kill a Momentus
  2. So how would this work on diff 8-10? He would constantly draw you in and when you go that close to him to start the trap he would notice you and kill you....
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  3. thats why its difficulty 7and below I have not planned for 8+...yet.
  4. Small correction: Momentus, and don't forget it's cousin Marlix, will automatically attack when your difficulty is set to 7 - 10.


    So I just watched the video: nice job! I think this could even made to work on higher difficulties and the added bonus could be that if you do happen to die then all your stuff will be transported outside the battlefield which will also allow players to take their loss and pick up their gear. No more "help, Momentus got all my gear and I can't pick it up!".

    Nice work!
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  5. Loving these videos bat. Keep them up :)
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  6. Maybe I should do a video on level 10 with perfect conditions to get effective difficulty 10 too.
  7. Or...
    Step 1: Rid your inventory of everything but voters gear. Sword is a necessity, armor is optional.
    Step 2: Place a bed nearby.
    Step 3: Turn head drops on.
    Step 3.5: Set difficulty to 10.
    Step 4: Poke, Die, Respawn, Repeat.
    Step 5: Repeat until it's dead. :)
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  8. how to kill a marlix will come up soon