How to report unknown player?

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  1. It would be good if it would be possible to report an (yet) unknown player,
    like /report * steling beacon and pyramid from smp8 wastelands around x=-91, z=2160, y=74

    My beacon and pyramid were indeed stolen, but I don't want to bother Aikar and there are no other mods online. :(

    Iit would be good if there would be a way to submit report for the next mod who will have time to take care of it.
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  2. If you PM a moderator and add 4/5 of them to it then you'll get an answer in a timely manner.
  3. Staff can track who destroys a beacon - so talk to one of them and they can figure it out for you.
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  4. You don't have to worry about sending a pm to a moderator on the forums. It's sometimes even easier for them to answer when on the forums than online. When you don't know how to send a personal message, either click inbox and new conversation, or click on somebody's name(don't open in a new tab)and click start a conversation
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  5. PM a mod, preferably one who occupies that server, (you know what I mean, like bite for 6 and death for 9) and they can help sort it out.
    If you leave a beacon out, especially with the beam going up, it's probably going to be stolen. Considering the place you were in, it could very well have been stolen a few minutes after you logged off.
    This has actually happened to me, and the person who stole it... Well, there's dumb, then there's really stupid. I was mining literally 10 blocks from my pyramid, when the guy tries to sneak up behind me and take the beacon. It's almost depressing, that miserable attempt at theft.
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  6. I know. It would just be easier to /report * ... instead of having to pick a mod - who then might be on holiday for 3 weeks...
  7. That's why you add multiple, if you use /report they'll tell you to PM someone anywho
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  8. You can lock beacons you know
  9. Wastelands = no locking.
    200 blocks from outpost in a popular biome = lots of foot traffic.
    Big beacon beam, unusual pyramid of block = very noticable.
    Economy values = beacons very prone to theft.
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  10. If the issue has not been resolved there are plenty of moderators on now :)
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  13. Start convo with me sellshop...
  14. Perp has been identified and his butt banned. Take that thief! :p
  15. If I may ask, how? :)
  16. Magic.
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  17. A guy in a closet, wearing a wizard costume making potions while watching Emc through his crystal ball.
  18. Does he get the beacon back? And the pyramid?
  19. I wasn't even aware stuff in the wastelands was protected like that. :) I'm not surprised someone took it.

    The wastelands do not have a warning like the wild does. Perhaps admin should clarify that.
  20. We give player in light blue text basically saying " Griefing & Stealing in frontier/wastelands is a permabanable offense."
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