How To Make A Decent Staff App :)

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  1. 1.) Be honest
    It's always best to be honest in an application. :) For example if you say if you were staff on 3 servers, they might ask you which ones then that won't be good. :s

    2.) Use proper grammar.
    Using proper grammar makes you look professional and they think, "wow! They have good grammar!"

    3.) Add Details
    Adding details is always best. :) It tells how much you want to help and be staff.

    Sorry if any of this is wrong. And also no I haven't applied for staff but I might. :)
    Hoped this helped a little,
  2. The first thing which went through my mind when reading your post was to wonder if you actually went through the application form yourself already. I have some doubts because some of the questions you're referring to don't exist.

    Anyway, about the application form. There's actually only 1 thing you need to do: be honest.

    No more, no less.
  3. This. Fill out the form the way that your conscious tells you that you should. That will give the higher-ups all the information they need to know if you're right for the job :)

    There is no right way to fill out the form - the way you do it should be the way you think that you should.
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  4. New Member.....
  5. They don't really ask you questions about your maturity level - things like your maturity will be seen through how you write your application and how you apply your skills to tasks in game. There should be no guide for how to make a decent staff application, just be yourself! :)
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  6. They don't ask some questions
  7. I think the OP is meaning in relation to other servers.
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  8. Just gave it a thorough read - EMC's modapps are at - it's a form. It's not an essay sort of thing which you seem to be giving tips about. You're talking about questions that are never mentioned at all and are brushing over or in some cases completely ignoring a lot of key questions in the application.

    Looks to me like you either are assuming that our modapp is a forum or you don't know but are assuming that it's an essay type. Your "New Member' status is indicative that one of the aforementioned is true, but I won't discredit you completely. I like some of the things you said but they simply don't apply to EMC and your application is much more reliant on you being honest and being a legitimately good candidate as our upper staff are highly experienced in knowing who the right people for the job are.
  9. Why you want to be staff question you wrote the opposite what some admins are looking for.(You said you were 20 now it's 15??????) If you are lying (not saying you are) please stop I lied alot and you don't want to know what I went through the worst thing was I had regret when I did it.
  10. Is it copy-paste from here ?
  11. This isn't an app... it's an example on how to write a proper staff app. She's not lying...

    But yeah, EMC's own app is a lot different. That doesn't quite fit here. :p

    EDIT: And I believe LadBlo figured out why. ;)
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  12. I am dead.
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  13. I have fainted
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  14. i just cant write anything good ;-; and tahitian, its an example im not 15..
  15. Not an excuse for blatant plagiarism.
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  16. how did you even...ok its just I can write anything good and I want to so people can know me and think im funny when im shy ;_;
  17. ugh i feel so stupid >:s guys forgive me and tell me how to delete this cx
  18. You can copy-paste it into Google and it'll come right up. It's not hard to see when people steal writings from public places. Never try to be someone that you aren't. People will like you for who you are, and if they don't, then they aren't worth your time. You should never have to do something that makes you seem like something you aren't.
    You can't delete it, you can have it locked by reporting the OP.
  19. Better? cx from meh own mind.