how to make a 4th res become the main res?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by sstrngmnm, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. One of my friends, Sphere151, wants to have residence 15151 become his first res on smp7 amd he wants his first res to become his 4th res. How would one be able to accomplish that?
  2. I do not think this is possible.
  3. It is. Just message an admin like Max and she'll help (I know why it's possible :p)
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  4. As brick said, it's completely possible, and it's very simple :p
  5. Once again I am proved wrong :p
  6. Erm, I wouldn't say that lol. You were probably misinformed :)
    It's possible because all they need to do is add -4 to the first res, and take off -4 from the fourth :p
  7. Didn't you end up with like everything broken though? XD
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  8. Erm, that's what's fixed it :confused:
    I broke it by /claiming a res that was and wasn't open.. making my account's switch homes >.> :p
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