How to LiveUSB (And look like a hacker while you're at it)

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  1. Many people here are still in school. Many computers in schools have limited usage on them, and can at be times frustrating to the user. By creating a LiveUSB, you have a portable operating system you can take anywhere (in this case I am assuming school, but it has a variety of usages). This guide will assist you in creating your own LiveUSB.

    First off, you will need a USB you are willing to devote solely to being a LiveUSB. Anywhere from 4GB's and above should serve the purpose. I'd suggest 8GB's, so you could create a 4GB partition (max I've gotten on a 4GB drive is 2.5GB).

    First off you want to download Linux Mint (seen above). I prefer Mint over Ubuntu as it has a more Windows-like interface, is faster overall, and is based off Ubuntu, so it has the same capabilities as Ubuntu. You can download it here. (I'd suggest MATE over Cinnamon, runs faster).

    After that's finished downloading, you can create the USB using this tool.
    After you find the Linux distro (Mint 14 if you followed my suggestion) you can plug the drive in. From there you should see a drop down menu to select a drive (it should only show plugged in USB drives, most likely it will only show :E). Select that drive to download, and check the box to the right to format it (unless the drive is completely empty). Make absolutely certain you are formatting the drive you want to install it on. Slide the slider for the size of the partition all the way to the right, and click Create. After that you just have to wait. Once it finishes installing onto the USB, shut down your computer. When you boot it up, hit the key to bring up your boot menu (likely F12) and select USB device. From there you should get a screen like this.

    Hit enter on "Start Linux Mint".

    It functions a lot like Windows. You can download programs from the Software Center, make desktop icons, change the theme, etc. I will follow up with some information on that later, although it is rather self explanatory (and also, Google is your friend).

    I hope this was helpful for creating your very own LiveUSB!
    (In case you are wondering, you'll look like a hacker because most people have no idea how to do this and are amazed by it, pretty funny)
  2. Wow. Interesting.

    Also, why is it always Linux and Android name their things after food or really cool sounding words? Windows and Apple just give them stupid names.
    Icecream Sandwich, Ubuntu and Mint sound way cooler than iOS4 or Windows*yearnumber*/Vista/ME/XP/7/8
  3. so with this I should be able to watch youtube videos and play minecraft at school?
  4. Possibly the latter, but you'd need to setup a VPN to do the former (I might make a tutorial for that later).
    Edit: What DaJaKoe said.
  5. No, you should be doing your work in school.
  6. I'm 2 weeks ahead in Computer Applications class so I'm bored
  7. I should also add that Linux Mint comes preinstalled with many things you'll need including an office suite (LibreOffice), image editing software (GIMP), a torrent client (Transmission), media player (VLC Media Player), etc.
    Well Google is Google. Linux distros have a variety of names depending upon the developer. For example. Linux Mint 14 is also Linux Mint Nadia.
  8. Well he did say able, not would he. So technically yes.
  9. I just might have to do this, not necessarily because I need it, but just because it would be fun. So, just to clarify, once I access Linux on the school computer, any programs I want I will have to download? I couldn't pre-install them onto the flashdrive OS and they would already be there when I start it up?
  10. Any programs not preinstalled will have to be installed through the Software Manager, or you could search for a Linux download (try and find it in a .deb file).
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  11. This looks cool. I've seen some guides on doing this with Windows before. Also make sure you plug the USB device in before you start the computer up. And make sure it is the right device as I have screwed up a number of school computers... though you just restart it :p
  12. You should probably put a warning in here, as if you get caught with this in school you will probably get yourself in serious trouble! I wouldn't recommend you use this at school. If your system administators are like the ones at my school then using this would probably get you a comptuer ban. Someone got in trouble just for using a wallpaper changing app.
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  13. Or in this thread:

    How to lose your job / get expelled from school.

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  14. Schools have a computer tracking I am ahead in my Tech academy...still this may be useful for when my teacher gives us free time.
  15. That's one of the reason I made one, although I doubt the teachers was going to cut my monitor after I gave her an outline and started reading PCWorld.
  16. So can you access the internet from these?
  17. You can access all that you could normally. A VPN would be required to bypass firewalls. I will not make a tutorial for those however because those only serve one purpose.
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  18. If I get a new computer would you recommend getting Linux on it?
  19. Yes. Linux is quickly picking up steam (and Steam), although it is more complex and there is currently less programs for it. I suggest you try it and see if you like it.
  20. How might I try it?