How to get villagers (without buying them) ?

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  1. Hello,

    How to get a villager ? (I know some people farm them) but how to start ? looks like some people egg them (are they initially coming from the wasteland ?) how to egg stuff if this is the way to go ?

    I lost my initial residence ((30 days not playing (My base took 3 months to be established...)... a little frustrated) and with it all eggs and goodies that are given initially, not sure what was provided.

    Thank you for your help
  2. As you posted there, go out and eggify villagers in the wild/waste. This costs 100r per villager. Once you get back in town eggifacation is free so you can spawn the villagers over and over for free until you get the ones you want.
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  3. I would say that in your given situation you are better off to just buy some villager eggs to get you started. They cost about 25-30r, as compared to 100r to eggify a villager in the wild/waste, and it wont take you long.

    If you are completely out of money, then just do something like shearing sheep or cutting wood until you make enough (which shouldn't take long).
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  4. Also voting gives about 1,000r per day
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  5. Most has already been answered by the others, but because I recently started a villager farm myself I figured I could just as well share my hands on experience also.

    I bought my villager eggs from stores around the servers. I don't really know how much I paid, but I'm sure it was around 30 - 50 rupees. Apart from my first 2 villagers; I bought those in the Empire store (when was 1 - 2 days on the server), but that's something I can recommend against because the prices are extremely higher than what you'd normally pay.

    And well; you basically only need 2 to start breeding them.

    The secret for breeding villagers are doors, the post I mentioned earlier (link) shows you how I did it.