How to become enlightened.

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  1. It is necessary to watch the whole thing. You will never thank me.
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  2. And here I was, thinking that the path to enlightenment was a kerosene bath and a book of matches. How silly of me.
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  3. Aaah, the Empire,

    Where your entire morning can be spoiled by merely watching one simple post on the forums :D

    I think I'll pass on these things, thanks :)
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  4. In all my years of watching youtube and entering the weird side of it on multiple occasions, this is new. I give Kudos for adventuring so deep within the realms.
  5. I have seen quite a bit of odd as well, when I first saw this last night, I couldn't resist lol.
  6. I'm scared to click play...
  7. Firstly, I am enlightened. I am also scared. Although I do wonder what you had to type into YouTube to find this... And what ever you did put, why you put it! :p
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  8. Could anyone tell me (in a spoiler if necessary) what this is?
  9. 2:32
    I am scarred for life.
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  10. What this is? Disturbing... That's all it really is :p
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  11. Okay, then I suppose I'll skip it, just like "don't hug me I'm scared":p
  12. More weird than disturbing in my opinion lol.
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  13. Maybe a bit of both then :p
  14. what have i just watched.. xD
  15. . . . Those poor children. Being forced to do something creepy while a total pedifial says "Nice Tomatoe! I'm saving that for my sandwich"
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  16. *The next post will be on page 2*
    Who will be the lone poster?
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  17. You guys know you want to be enlightened;)
  18. This spoke to me on a spiritual level.
    My eyes have been opened; my soul is awake.
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