How should I make my money?

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  1. Hello EMC. So I have been sitting around for a while thinking about how there are so many ways to make money on this server. I just don't know which one to use. There are so many ways...I am kind of stuck between a couple and I just want your opinions :). So below are my choices and I just want you to vote and let me know which one you would use more and rather me do. thanks!

    1. A shop that sells only iron in mass quantities
    2. A shop that is like a mini-mart, sells a medium amount of items
    3. Ores and minerals shop
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  2. how about... do 1 then do 3 then do 2
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  3. Shops are not the way to make money. Auctions and selling to other large shops are the best way to make money.

    I make a ton of money several ways
    • sell to 413
    • do lots of farming in town (specifically sugarcane)
    • offer business services. something that people would like to pay for but they are too lazy (trust me, be creative and think of something. I am a wealthy lazy person who wants a monkey for a good price)
    • find shops that have super cheap deals and then resell.
    • invest in a free vault
    • watch around the forums for people buying things that are easy to get (the perfect deal is out there)
    • use alts with auctions
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  4. I like all those ideas but alongside doing that i need something that will keep me busy :p either stocking or building. Any service ideas?
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  5. chickeneer has already cornered the iron market. he sells iron ingots for 2r.
    louiskenx sells glass.
    diamonds and diamond ores are always in demand.
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  6. I like the way you think :)
  7. Does this mean what I think it means? Using an alt to bid up the price or bump a thread doesn't fly with me. As soon as I smelled that I'd be out of there. I don't forget very easily either.

    I agree with supplying shops. A shop is good, but you have to be patient and commit yourself to it to be successful. If you supply someone else's instead you can take breaks from it and it doesn't affect you as it would your own.

    Iron and Cane have been farmed pretty heavily so I haven't bothered with them much because of their price.
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  8. No, not at all. The rule is that you can have one auction per account. So if i have an alt and i have 2 things to auction i can have one auction posted on my main account and one on my alt in the non supporter auctions. I can bump with the main account and it is legal as long as each auction is on a separate account. That is illegal and i would never do that.
  9. I see. That's a good use for one if you can keep up with all the auctions.
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  10. you can manually watch the thread on the main account also, then you do not have to log onto a different account to see who replied
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  11. stocking sucks, ask just about any shop owner. it might be fun the first couple times then it becomes tedious to afk at a mob grinder for spider eyes/whatever. specialties shops are much better imo
  12. Bump more opinions :)
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  13. Do jobs for some cool kid samsimx.
  14. :p well pm me with what i can do and i could probably work a few things out
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  15. Emerald farming is a pretty good gig. It stays interesting and produces lots of possible auction/store items as well.

    Just start a Village in town and feed them whatever they are asking for to trade for emeralds or keep trading to find trades for enchanted items or rare/valuable equipment. If you don't like the trades, egg them and try again. You can grow stuff in town to trade with or buy bulk trading supplies from farmers. It's challenging, but you can do it when you feel like and ignore it when you are doing something else.
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  16. Or just get an infinite villager? Also emerald farming is quite boring..
  17. By keeping up I meant collecting materials for them. I can see how watching threads on the behalf of multiple accounts could be a challenge also.
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  18. over a year ago i started up a construction/red stone/ interior design/ landscaping business.
    i liked decorating and being busy, building stuff.. i am pretty good at red stone so i wanted to try to get some money by building things for people, that got me a lot. =)
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  19. You can make chests on your res to sell certain items people may want, sandstone, sand, glass, stone, nether brick, diamonds, iron, glowstone
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  20. I ran EMC shopkeeper and my most sold item is apples.
    There you go.