How often do you use your alt?

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  1. I thought about this when I realized I hadn't logged in for 8 days on my alt once, and it was mainly because I hardly use it for anything except for my res (right now I'm realizing I missed out on 800r >.<). For alt owners, what do you use your alt for, and how often do you log in?
  2. Its not really an alt but I log on to my friends account like every 3 days.
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  3. One for the wild, one for the town. Usually.
  4. I have no alt... or do I?
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  5. Once a week really - and who knows what all I use it for :)
  6. Secret mod business, undercover work, getting cake, ruining the economy. Thats what you do with it
  7. For a second res =P and to use one to stay in town and other to be at a wild community :D
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  8. ob1bob69 and i are the same person :confused: hahahahah just kidding. lol however he has been known to get on my account from time to time lol. i call it body snatching.
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  9. Bob logs on alot on your Acc.
  10. he hasnt recently has he??
  11. Like 3 weeks ago was the last time I remember.
  12. not as often as he used to :)
  13. I wish I had a alt then I would rule EMC! muahahahah
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  14. Its a little bit awkward with my alt(s).
  15. :confused: So about month when talking to you about killing a wither for me. I might have been talking to ob1bob69
  16. Possibly
  17. Just log in for my friends every day or so.
  18. i usually use my friends account when i need to A: carry stuff away from my lot
    B: stalk people
    C: watch people
    D: grind at a spawner
    E: meander aimlessly asking stupid questions such as "hast du die taffellapen?"
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  19. very possibly, because i dont remember talking to you about killing a wither :) lol. you can usually tell if its me or him. i use alot of smiley faces and am really cheerfull. he is very sarcastic and to the point. lol
  20. I use it to camp out at gold farms :3