How marlix became marlix

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  1. How marlix became marlix
    By Crazy_TJ and fBuilderS
    Marlix was a young man who lived in the outskirts of Utopia. His parents were too poor to afford school for Marlix, so all he did was explore the biomes nearby and go mining for minerals, that he could sell in town for a small fortune.

    One hot day, Marlix was mining in his mine when he came across a wall of stone bricks. He had no clue why these stone bricks were here, or even how, so he carefully mined the stone bricks with his enchanted iron pickaxe. The pickaxe drove through the stone bricks fast as lightning because of the efficiency 5 enchant he had saved up for to put on the pickaxe. “Kreee!” Small silverfish jumped out at him! Marlix whipped out his diamond axe and pounded the critter on the head with it, it died instantly.

    Marlix carefully slumbered towards the light shining down the brick passage, he felt something slimy touch his foot and stopped dead in his tracks. He slowly looked down horrified of thinking what it could be. He saw a dark green fuzzy chunk, it was just moss. Marlix breathed a sigh of relief. He continued down the passageway through the enormous cobwebs, the path had caved in at some points and other spots were cracked.

    He entered a dusty room that had bookshelves lining the walls. There was chests on top of some of the shelves with books within, he clawed his way through the webs covering himself in dust, Marlix couldn’t go any further. He turned back to investigate the place in more detail.

    Marlix saw a light from down the corridor and he heard more screeching, what could it be? He continued towards the dim light whilst the screeching got louder, it sounded like a endermite. When Marlix entered the room his heart skipped a beat, there was silverfish scuttling everywhere and in the centre was some weird table-like blocks. He quickly finished off the silverfish and placed a torch upon the spawner. Marlix slowly wandered over cautiously to the odd structure standing in the centre of the room, below it was a pool of steaming, bubbling and sizzling pool of molten lava. He soon had crafted some ender eyes by using some of the blaze powder his father had gotten from his adventures to the Nether. He then grabbed his eye of enders and placed them into the strange objects before him. Marlix had read this was the way to go to the 3rd dimension. He placed all of them in.

    He jumped into the vortex below him that appeared. He blacked out. Marlix slowly opened his eyes, the sky was black with a dragon in the air. Obsidian pillars rose from the ground and a bedrock structure stood in the middle of the area. Upon slowly turning around, he saw the most majestic purple castle he had ever seen. In the front was two crystals, hovering slightly above a thin layer of bedrock.

    Marlix cautiously walked towards the front doors of the castle. He eased the door open and quietly slipped inside, whilst hiding behind the first pillar, he peered over to make sure the coast was clear. Then only did he that in the middle of the room he was standing in, was the EnderDragon, Resik. She was snoring quietly, and behind her was a chest, surrounded in blocks Marlix had never seen before.
    When he opened the chest he was stunned, inside was a pair of wings. He hovered over the item, ‘electra’ was printed on it.
    After staring at his find he decided to ask what it did on the Empire Minecraft forums. Marlix soon learnt that he could fly if he put them on, cautiously he jumped off the edge of the end of the small island.

    He fell 10 blocks before the wings kicked in. Soaring through the sky, he took in the amazing view of the end from the skies. He approached the main island, he landed perfectly on his feet. Marlix clambered over the rocky terrain determined to find the end portal consisting of pure bedrock. Climbing the slope, he felt the velvet like material of the wings he acquired.
    A bright light shimmered in his pupils. He found it, the end portal to home, the dragon egg nested at the peak of the structure before him. After piling up, Marlix placed the piston and powered it. The dragon egg lay on the ground before him, he placed it in his inventory. The world went black as the portal engulfed him.

    He stood upon his bed on his ungriefable lot, he did it. Marlix killed the enderdragon and returned safely. He wrapped a bandage around his scarred head, luckily Momentus had taken the worst hits whilst Marlix was looting the castle.
    He placed the dragon egg on his prepared diamond block at the spawn of the res and then headed for his storeroom. After entering, he found his chest dedicated to end items and placed the electra in there for safe keeping. After sitting down relaxing for a while he decided to head for the PvP arenas to kill some noobs. No-one good was ever there.

    After killing fBuilderS with his eyes closed he sliced PenguinDJ apart after a 10 second standoff. Dr_Chocolate14 came rushing in but Marlix wasn’t in the mood for messing about.
    After delivering the bad news to Miss_Chocolate14 he headed back to the arena. It was dead silent apart from an occasional roar. Marlix had never heard such a disturbing sound before. There are no ender dragons in town, what is it? He crept up the stairs until he got to the yellow arena.

    Krysyy growled when she saw the unexpected visitor. “Come in Marlix, let’s have some fun” she said. As hard as he swung his sword and blocked with his shield, he couldn’t stop it. She was too powerful, and he was losing the fight. Krysyy roared once more, “Is this all you’ve got” barked Krysyy. The sword sliced through his chest before he could reply.

    The moon lay in the sky above him glimmering. He sighed and suddenly realised… He was still alive. But how? He felt a sharp pain in his foot and looked down to find what he could have possibly done to it.

    He was greeted by the sight of bones, lots of them. He was a skeleton! Anger pulsed through his veins, it was all Krysyy’s fault! How could she? That very day he swore that he would kill all players who shall disturb him. He would fly around using his electra to make it harder for them to kill him. He crafted a set of armor and a bow… He soon learned that the other dead minecrafters he had treated so well was in his situation. Marlix had soon gathered an army.
    He set foot to start his mission that would hopefully go on for a while. No mercy.
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