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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by ConductorConduit, Sep 11, 2015.

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  1. My Girlfriend Cheated on Me and I Broke Up

    I felt terrible, after today. After two years of dating and this happens to be behind my back. I felt betrayed after how many things we went though. I tell you it isn't fun having your trust in the one who you love and isn't your true love partner. Truly, my mind is in a cloud of anger and sadness. My heart sank tenfold. I don't personally don't talk about my feelings on the internet. EMC is my home here so I want to help from all of you. So I accost to you EMC to help me though this.

    I'll crawl back to my cove now...
  2. Wow, I'm so sorry. That really sucks. I have nothing helpful to say, but to say I'm really sorry.
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  3. D: I kno dat feels bruh, sux. :(
    (EDIT: Been told how it feels, not actually been through *YET*)
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  4. I don't get why people can't just end it, and go be with the other person, they have to go behind your back and cheat on you instead of just breaking up. It saves a big heartbreak in the process.

    One thing about people, you'll get through it.
    I believe in you.
  5. Trust me, you don't want it to happen.
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  6. Oddly enough, my first girlfriend cheated on me; I caught her red handed and the feeling was reasonably sorrowful. I didn't want to grieve about what happened so I distracted myself with comedy. I found that discovering methods to produce a smile or laughter would boost up my spirits. Not long, I realized making others smile or laugh had an equal affect.

    Stay strong, and remember...

    a laugh a day keeps the sorrow away :)
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  7. Time heals all wounds. You will get over this. All the best to you Foxy.
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  8. Poor foxy T_T my sympathies for this hard time you're going through. Loyalty and commitment are becoming rare qualities in relationships nowadays it seems. But, I am proof though that you can find the right person for you. Took me almost 10 years, but I have a keeper. I have absolute faith that your perfect complement is still out there. Though it may not seem like it right now. Better to be out of a relationship where you are the only seriously involved one, than in it.
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  9. Break ups are hard no matter the circumstance. Whether you are the deliverer of bad news or on the receiving end. All the break ups I have ever been through have been very difficult times. I have asked other people, before I started beating myself up, to help me because I know that the next few weeks/months will be difficult. You are not me so you may find that other ways to deal with this are more helpful but I have found that the best thing I could do was ask for help, for people to acknowledge that I was on a bee line for a very difficult time and to just make sure that I was ok from time to time. Depression, anger, hurt, sadness, jealousy, grief, self doubt almost the whole myriad of negative emotions I would cycle through during break ups and it was always hard. Usually bad relationships would develop from it even though I would know it was a bad time to attempt any type of "new" relationship romantic or otherwise while in that easily persuadable state.

    Many before you have gone through this, most of us have survived and come out better people, more in touch with who we are and what we want. I hope that this does not jade you from the truth that there are many wonderful people out there that would love your company and feel more than lucky to have you in their life. I'm sorry for your pain and hope that it only serves to better you in the end.
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  10. I'm going through bad times after we ended a 4 year relationship.

    I got to agree with above comments time will pass and you'll be happy

    Just need to learnt our self again, find something at distracts your thoughts so you don't let them chew you away.
    Youll find your true happiness:)
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  11. Thank you for your kind words everyone. EMC has yet to let me down
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  12. *pushes foxy into the dirt*

    Edit: let me help ya.
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  13. You hold him down, I'll get the trout! :D

    Been there, done that (sort off) and it still doesn't feel good. This is just crap, pardon the expression but it's true. Best you can do is try to get this out of your head and focus on the stuff which matters. Trust me; I know how easy that is said (written).

    One thing I do want to stress out here... Whatever you do my friend, don't let this stuff weigh on you or influence you when you find someone else (I am convinced that you will). Because without trust you won't have much of a relationship. Its not always easy, but it is the honest truth. Don't let this stuff spoil your future relationships... It's sometimes good to be weary and alert, but there's a huge difference between that and becoming a distrustful person.

    And yes: I honestly know how easy that is for me to say... Hang in there bro....
  14. *pushes shell down when he comes back with the trout and takes a bite* DUDE!!! why did you get fish? I figured you cooked this stuff blegh. Just stay down there with foxy and think about what you have done while I go brush my teeth.

    "Don't let this stuff weigh on you or... blah blah" It effects all of us and learning from the past is something we must do. Yeah, don't spoil your future relationships but dude, don't even worry about a relationship right now. Go play lazer tag and football/rugby and tackle some people. Even at lazer tag, seriously the tears are even more special when they don't see it coming :p
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  15. c'mon foxy! Help me get this dude so we can teach him some manners. I'll get the eggs :D
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  16. Going to beat foxy with a trout and now you are trying to establish an alliance with him to get me with eggs... hmm. I don't know if I'm the one that needs the manners. At least I was consistent LMFAO
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  17. im really sorry for your loss, its always painful when people behave like this.
    unfortunately i have found after dealing with thees kind of breakups my self.. is you never start really healing until you actually and honestly realize that someone that treats you like that.. never deserved your time or trust in the first place.

    i hope you fair well on your journey to heal
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  18. I'm very sorry to hear that this has happened. Just remember that this speaks volumes about her character, not yours. I hope you bounce back quickly, and stay foxy :D
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  19. I don't even like trout! :p

    But again that you all who are helping me through this
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  20. If she's the kind to cheat, then that branch is best pruned from your life. Also, you smell like fish, which is interesting.
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