How far have you walked?

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  1. Hey guys,

    So I just wanted to know how far people walked, I myself have walked 4736.67km. You can see how far you walked by pressing Esc on the top left of your keyboard then press the statistics button. Once you've done that - on the 4th line, it should say how far you walked.

    How far have you walked on your SMP?
  2. Hmmm so this only works on a per-SMP basis. On SMP8 I have walked 1671.37km. I have different numbers on each SMP though.
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  3. 2530.60km on SMP3
  4. 1,978.44 km.
  5. On smp4 I have walked 1101 km
  6. something tells me that these stats can be reset or something because my numbers don't seem right. maybe they also depend on the profile you've created in the client?
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  7. I think some stats reset after you die but I'm pretty sure stats like distance walked should stay.
  8. 5012.91km on SMP8
  9. 2056.28 Km on Smp9
  10. I belive between 2000 and 2500km on SMP9 - though this is on my current PC. I've had two other machines before so the total could potentially be a lot higher I presume :p
  11. What's also sad is that the stats periodically reset, so we can never find out what the exact totals are.
  12. 2930 km (yes, I've walked far.)
  13. i have walked 500 miles! and i will walk 500 more just be the man who walked the 1000 miles to fall down at your door!
  14. Sorry, it fits. :p
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  15. My total wouldn't show stats from my old PC, nor would it for before was the IP so the old wouldn't show up either :(
  16. 1117.25 km
  17. 5,570km on my work PC. Not sure it this is total for MP or just by PC. If it's just by PC then I should be much more then that from home PC.
  18. Let's talk about...

    I will post how far I have walked later, when I get home.
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  19. 2359 on SMP2