How Far Have You Gone?

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  1. Without giving exact coordinates to have people find your bases, how far out have you gone from the main spawn on EMC?
  2. I sense someone's trying to beat an EMC record... :cool:
  3. I also sense that the ninja will have a lead in this...
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  4. the farthest I've gone out from the original spawn has been a little bit over 70,000 blocks. this was on smp5

    pictures hard to see but it say 70,020

  5. Sort of. Spiders and I were talking about doing an EMC Let's Play where we pick a server and have our ONLY goal be to just keep going without stopping and making bases...just forever.
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  6. About 3k blocks out of the pre-generated circle :D
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  7. The farthest I've been is about 40k out from the spawn on smp3
  8. 20k Blocks, not too far but I have decided to stick with outposts for now ;)
  9. I've been 340,500 blocks out, My Wild complex is out there, :)
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  10. Yea i dont like to go far out of spawn ._.
  11. I had a plan like that (Without doing a Let's Play), then I came back to watch Mob Arena…>.<
  12. On SMP2, there is nothing further north than the land Manaico and I popped into after a long journey in the nether!
  13. farthest out from spawn i have been is 50k out on smp5.
  14. i have gone about 10k out of spawn on smp2 and about 1 block out of the wastelands
  15. You know, once I get the New Republic's army kickstarted, we may just start a project to get as far from spawn as possible, just for the glory :cool:
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  16. Oo that's awesome one lol
  17. I think nether travel to 400K blocks out would be cheaty right?
  18. I've gone like 21k out in nether not sure how much would that be on overworld. And like 50k~ outside on overworld without nether traveling
  19. 48k blocks out. Bam.