How do you kill momentus?

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  1. Out at a village i play on, i have been working building a castle, when all of a sudden momentus spawns. i tried to kill him, but have been unable to, it has been 3 days and i want to work on my castle but i need him out of the way. How would i go about killing him without dying? I have heard something about the zombie virus, dose that have anything to help me kill him?
  2. Ask other people to help. Fighting it with a few friends will almost always kill it. You might also need some pretty decent armor and weapons.
  3. dose fighting it with other people, lower its hp or what? I have shot hundreds of hundreds arrows at him and sometimes they hit and others the don't hit him? what is with this?
  4. zeke heres the trick, make him follow you into a hole (around 8x8x8) put water around that hole, set a bed nearby then beat him continually with your fists, cheap easy and no money lost
    edit: keep in mind that this will take a while and you will die alot but you wont lose any items and you will gain his drop (potentially a sword)
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  5. you arent hitting his hitbox, aim for slightly lower then the center of his mass
  6. dose his health regenerate?
  7. this might make sense, thats why some hit, and some go right past him.
  8. Just pound him with arrows. It took about 5 minutes for me to kill him with 5 other people.

    And no, he doesn't regen.
  9. no
  10. Here is a video I did of me fighting him to show other people outside of EMC:

    Note: to kill intended way, you will need enchanted sword, as witnessed by the fact I died...
  11. yeah, i have killed 3 of them now with about 150 arrows into each and they die, takes about 20 minutes to kill one though.
    i think a sword is a bit faster though.
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  12. Momentus might just have improved resistance to Arrows... and vice versa for Marlix ;)
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  13. this explains it! Sometime when you hit it with an arrow, it takes no damage. this has answered my question to why it was not hitting sometimes, when i was hitting it. Thanks Aikar.
  14. the hitbox for the momentus it at its feet so if you hit with an arrow anywhere else it wont take any damage, best way I find to fight momentus is in the water so if you need to regen health just sink to the bottom for a few seconds and always use a zombie virus, gives you damage resistance so you can melee it, just drink it when you don't have agro and wait for the negative effects to wear off
  15. Yes, i did notice the hit box was low. but tell me how the zombie virus works while trying to kill him?
  16. I believe if you press F3 + B at the same time it will show you the hit boxes of every mob.
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  17. The zombie virus adds tons of effects, good and bad, the good ones lasting longer by a fair bit, so when you drink it just wait for the bad ones to wear off and you'll be left with resistance. Be carefull though cause it adds the hunger effect, so eat some steak when it wears off
  18. Jay2a and I beat Momentus twice. Just a tip: shiny flesh is a life saver! Anyway, we both had power 3 bows and it took about 4 stacks of arrows (256 arrows). That was the first time anyway. The second time, he was in the ocean and we could kill him from below. Anyway, the hitbox is in the lower legs. And if you are far enough away to not get pulled in by him, you can aim your bow just above his head and that should get him. Just beware of the enraged zombies. They can see you from farther away than regular zombies and their AI is better (Unless they are swimming).
    I don't know why, but he always seems to appear in deserts. When I see him or pictures of him, he's usually in a desert.
  19. *Disclaimer* Mob AI behavior that leads to them being much easier to kill is subject to improvement :)
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  20. I guess, but unless im mistaken, re-writing the code to allow mobs to swim into the water to attack you might take a bit of work, unless you just mean the enraged zombies circling around in the water, in that c
    ase, yeah, it will be more challenging, nothing a knockback sword couldnt change (is there any way to increase swim speed?)
  21. hard mode plz