how do you get rupees on minecraft?

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  1. I have literally 36 rupees left. I signed into the forum but they haven't give me my rupee bonus.
  2. /vote , selling, jobs, giveaways...
  3. You should have 3k rupees after finishing /tutorial, +1k for joining website signing up in game, +5k for refering someone (he/she also get another 5k for this btw) and 5k for signed in on EMC website, as i just check my alt rupees history. In summary you can have 14k at start.

    After that: vote every day, login, get stuff & sell (make a shop) and support EMC if you like. That will get you rupees (and other worth rupee stuff. Don't forget to get your promo today (type /promo)

    Cheers :)
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  4. 1. buy a sapling
    2. plant a sapling
    3. ?????
    4. profit
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  5. What they said. It is easy, really. ;)
  6. I was broke for a really long time in the Empire, but in that time I was hoarding promos. After a while, I sold them and made a million rupees. That's something you could try, but it won't get you money instantly. You have to wait until they're valuable and then sell the promos.
    I also had a voting streak of 300 or so. That helped a lot. I stopped voting when I became inactive on EMC.