How Do I Set A Home Teleport?

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  1. My friend and I wanna set a home cuz we're really far from spawn but we don't know how to set a home.

    Thanks in advance
  2. You unfortunately cant set teleports in the wild or teleport from the wild into town.
  3. I'm on frontier, is there no way to set a home at all in frontier?
  4. There is not. The frontier is supposed to be fairly vanilla and part of that means traveling back and forth between locations. If you really want to stay out there while enjoying the town, I would recommend claiming a plot in a different smp. For example, you might live in the frontier on smp1 but have a town life on a residence in smp2.
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  5. Well there is one kinda way, If you set a bed there then sleep in it, go to town and if you die you will spawn there, if you need to transport items i recommend putting the items in a ender chest. But other then that method there is no way to.
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  6. yeah this is a good method
  7. Also noteworthy: there are new features coming for the Frontier; the attention lies on land protection but rumor has it that it could include other features as well, such as a teleportation option. But... that's all it is: rumor & speculation.

    Land protection is said to become available for everyone, but some of the extra perks would be reserved for established outposts. So if you plan to set up a serious life in the Frontier then you might want to try and go all the way to get your place established. See here:
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