How do I draw?

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  1. How? Every time I try and draw something its always garbage. How do people do the magic.
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  2. I am nothing close to being a good artist(trust me, two years of highschool means very little), but so far I have found it easiest to learn by drawing sketches of real things, finding videos or techniques on how to do those, attempting to master it, then create something unique using those skills you developed earlier. Or just naturally be a pro... That might be helpful.
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  3. Repetition, Copying Others, Research/Familiarity (both for style and inspiration), and Perseverance. The great artists pretty much all sucked when they started out. They became great because they were determined to succeed. Someone said a while back that to really master a skill (art, music, craftsmanship, etc.) takes about 10,000 hours of dedicated practice and learning.

    There are no shortcuts, sadly. Unless you want to use 3D renders (like pre-made character models) and never create anything original or inspiring. :p
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  4. Let's start you out with simple stuff first: shapes!

    We'll begin with a circle.
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  6. It really depends on what you're drawing on. For example I can do quite well with pencil drawings on a piece of paper, yet if I try to do it on a computer like many artists these days, it comes out awful. Of course doing what others here have said helps out exceptionally! And no I'm not posting any of my drawings.
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  7. I'm assuming you know how to draw shapes, so start with stick figures. :)
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