How big can a signature be here?

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  1. Title says it all
    The maximum size, without the website changing it for you.... Preferably as close as it can be to the edges and without any being cut off at the top/bottom of it :confused:

  2. I have always wanted to know that.

    *Cough* Somebody add it into wiki *Cough*
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  3. Maybe if we knew the max size. lol - otherwise ... yeah
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  4. Someone with Xenforo Admin Control Panel access will be able to tell nag one of the admins :p (Actually, that might be only in the newer versions of xenforo, but still, Aikar may know) Other than that, I cannot help you.
  5. Something like 800 x 155 pixels. That is the size my old signature had and I'm pretty sure it filled out the whole space.
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  6. Thanks, I'll use that size
  7. If you want to (I'm not sure if you can) don't make one with loads of spoilers . I would say keep it to a max of 20 lines (that's even probably to much) . Hope it helps!
  8. Keep in mind also that "single-image" sigs get resized to fit (width-wise) in private convos, while the split-image ones Alex popularized tend to "break" and move pieces downward to a new line (and thus, off the useable area).
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  9. With XenForo you can make a signature as big as you want, it will always scale to fluid if the theme allows and has support for it. If my memory serves me right, the theme EMC is using here is called Flexile Dark, very popular theme and I believe supports the fluid design.

    I also believe (again off of memory here) that the preferred size for XenForo signatures is 728x90, as it fills almost the full fluid post on an average users resolution, and also scales nicely to mobile users so it's not half the page on a phone screen.

    So just use the following to create your signature:
    With an image of 728x90 and center it will look great on most PC resolutions and mobile users if they happen to browse the site on their phone. :)