How are you?

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  1. How's your day went, EMC community?

    Currently, I've become bored of trying to shift a few DCs of this Sandstone, and I've decided to download GTA 2 to pass the time. I like games which involve making money, you see, hence why I am now working on making money on EMC seriously for the first time. I expect to have a balance exceeding 100k once I get the Sandstone sold.

    Later on, I hope to download a few songs and burn them onto a disc. Why? Because my school has recently started playing music into the canteen, and my principal has asked me to fetch a few songs. Naturally, I have compiled a list of songs, half of which are Eminem, and plan to submit that for playing. He played Call Me Maybe and Wrecking Ball consecutively yesterday, demonstrating that things have gotten to a crisis level, and we urgently need some good music.

    What about you? How are you?
  2. Hello 72Volt!
    Saving is tough to do, for sure! Key to success is save more than you spend. Same rules apply IRL!
    My day just started, so I will see whether it will be a good one, or a bad one. Still seeing!

    And whether good or bad, you can still choose to be happy. YOLO.
  3. Pretty good, thanks
  4. I wish my school would do that. But I stay away from the canteen, the food they sell is poor and overpriced. It is funny because they recently took away the school tuck shop which sold things like crisps and cereal bars etc. for a reasonable price. It was pretty popular so I don't think the school closed it down purposely. (Probably because of some welsh government healthy eating campaign most likely) But the fact is, is that the canteen food is ridiculously unhealthy compared to what the tuck shop sold. They try to persuade people to ditch pizza and go for a salad, but it doesn't work and my school doesn't even bother trying. The canteen room is also too small for the amount of people in my school, it would probably need to be double the size to be decent and not overcrowded.

    Yesterday I finished for half term, just as the majority of schools in England go back on Monday. I probably won't get up to much, but I am glad its half term because I needed a break from school, after all it has just been the longest half term of the year :p
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  5. Wrecking Ball and Call Me Maybe, while people are eating... That'd put me off my food man...

    Apart from the horrible image, Im great nwn
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  6. Well I have a sore throat and a cat sleeping next to me so... everything is fine.
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  7. cats are like that
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  8. I've been busy building a house in the Utopia town for someone else, and it has cost me way more than what I had expected. I had spent over a single-chest of hardened clay for most of the structure. I started it last Monday, and now all that's left is to do interior work.
    Personally, I like to build a lot. I prefer them to have a functional purpose. I have thought of making a castle in the SMP5 wild frontier with an iron golem farm, but with the all of the upcoming changes to villagers and villages in 1.8, I don't want to take the risk of having to rebuild. According to the Minecraft Wiki, Jeb wants to make the game's construction analysis for village houses more complex. Right now, all that you need to make a village house is a wooden door, and more exposure to the sky on the front side than from behind.
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  9. I'll put you together a epic mix if you want. Just press play and about to hours of epic music :)
  10. But...I like Wrecking Ball D:
    But I've been working on an arctic island themed build for my 4 residences.
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  11. potato
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  12. Good, just remember that today I will do something. Eat sheep intestines with lungs and heart with cow blood :D. Aka batiburillo :D.
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  13. Ahhh good ol' Highlancer ;) :3
  14. Well, we have no school now for a day. Yesterday we were techinally free, but I went to school to record something for a music performance. We were ABBA and we also did the spice girls:) That was pretty fun.
    We have some problems with our pc's at the moment, because there was some firmware update and we can not get to our files anymore, aside from using FTP. We mailed them and they said "Sorry, but it is impossible to downgrade" Of course it isn't you just don't want us to.
    So things get a little more tricky right now, but life goes on of course.
    No school can be good, but it is also hard to miss your friends that long.
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  15. Been pretty down lately. Not doing much and have no idea what to do anymore. #givingup
  16. In Northern Ireland, we have similar policies in place banning tuck shops. There's an underground sweet trade at my school, so if you know the right people, you can get a Dairy Milk, a Toffee Crisp, a Galaxy or even a bottle of Lucozade Sport. A boy called Browner used to always sell, but he quit, so McKitty took over from him, but recently he's quit as well, leaving the trade dead in the water. :(

    I'm planning to release enough mixes to deter the principal from ever playing Call Me Maybe again, and I will request a boycott of Wrecking Ball and all Miley Cyrus music, because of her comments to Sinead O'Connor poking fun at her bipolar disorder. The list so far includes:
    1. Stan - Eminem
    2. The Next Episode - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt
    3. Business - Eminem
    4. Still D.R.E - Dr. Dre
    5. Like Toy Soldiers - Eminem
    6. Lithium - Nirvana
    7. Square Dance - Eminem
    8. In Bloom - Nirvana
    9. No Love - Eminem ft. Lil Wayne
    10. Changes - Tupac
    11. Berzerk - Eminem
    12. Tricky - Run-DMC
    13. Lighters - Bad Meets Evil
    14. Cult of Personality - Living Colour
    15. Without Me - Eminem

    Flat 7Up and chicken soup cures all illnesses. All of them.

    That's why you should always build a test schematic, count up all the resources you use, price each resource, and use that to give a decent price to your customer so you don't go over-budget ;)
    Jeb needs to get his act together.

    Nah, I want to do it myself :)

    Omg me too!

    What country is that dish from?
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  17. Yeah we have the same thing over here, although its mainly cans of coke or whatever. Recently, my head of year has been cracking down on it though, he does random bag searches to people who usually sell. Although the people in my school don't have cool (albeit strange) names :p
  18. From Paraguay, Misiones :D.
  19. We don't really get that, it's probably not as prolific as what you get.
    Everyone has a name. McKitty is McKitty because his surname is McKittrick. Browner is Browner because his surname is Browne. We also have Cwynne (pronounced 'quinn', from his name, C. Wynne), DW (also variously known as Dan, or Dannimal), Frenchy, Finn, Justanotherhen, Dickybo, McCreazy, ScoMo (me!), Spuds, Sleslie (also known as Sles), Emz, Toto, Dr. Selfie and probably quite a few more.

    dat culture