How a portal really works.

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  1. Does anyone know the travel dynamics of a portal? I have checked the Wiki and the forum for this subject and there is not much information on it.

    I placed a portal and stepped through it. Observed my location and checked the live map. went back through the portal I had just come out of and was not where I had just left. I was in a totally different location. After noting the location on the live map I went back through the portal I just came out of and was in yet another new location. I returned through the same portal again (curious to see how many locations this would take me) and was in the last place I had been. Now the portals were locked between the last two places I had been. But I was not able to go back to the place I started from.

    How can I set up a portal system if they are not reliable or how do you make them reliable?
    Is there information on the portals and the effects of them when traveling?
    If anyone knows it would help, as I am confused by this not being able to reverse my travel through a portal.
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  3. Your portal might have linked to another player's portal. If you build a portal close enough to another player's portal, it will use their overworld portal as an exit instead of yours.
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  5. As stated above, your portal will link with another if one exists nearby. What has worked well for me is to calculate exactly where the portal should be located then construct one at that location. I have heard that the Y coordinate is taken into account so if I have two or more in close proximity I match the Y locations. Places where I have linked several farms start looking like an Escher drawing, but it works.
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  6. Thank you guys, the information in those links was most helpful. It answered the question I had for what had happened. I also now know what I am dealing with so have an idea how to deal with it to make it work for me.....I hope. Once again, thank you for the assist.
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