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  1. So, I see a lot of new players getting out of the tutorial totally confused, as it's pretty short and doesn't explain much. The most common question is "are you a mod/staff/why is your name coloured" towards supporters, and we could easily remedy this by adding a hover text over the name. Example:

    T salesman200: Hey guys, anyone have an anvil I can use?

    Hovering over the salesman200 would give you some text like this:

    salesman200 is a Diamond Supporter.
    Visit ranks.emc.gs for more info.

    This doesn't just have to be for names: you could have something like this on the Chat Channels:

    This is the Town chat channel.
    Visit chat.emc.gs for more info.

    I feel that this would cut down on the confusion new players get, and provide refreshers/info about new features to old players coming back. I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions down below!

    EDIT: Of course you'd be able to turn it off with /ps, too.

    EDIT 2: After 30 days or something, it could change to a message like

    salesman200 is away.
    Click to PM this user.

    as by then most users probably get the whole supporter/moderator thing.
  2. Yes. It's a pretty good idea. Of course you should be able to turn it off with /ps though.
  3. Take all my ++++111111's
  4. Exactly what I was thinking. Have it default on, then /ps to turn off/on.
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  5. Could also have something for hovering over text like "Wastelands" in the "Entering Wastelands" message.
    Maybe some info (who owns, delericit time, etc) when hovering over a residence ID that someone says? (i.e "Come check out /v 413, great shop cheap")
  6. +1
  7. this would annoy me, as i'm already a supporter on 3/4 of my accounts.
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  8. ? You could turn it off with /ps, and I'm not sure how being a supporter would change it...
  9. I already am paying for 3 accounts. I dont want to pay for any more.
  10. This... really doesn't have anything to do with new accounts...
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  11. your missing my point..
    I have 4 accounts. 3 of which are gold/gold/diamond supporters. I do not want to waste any more money on supporterships. Clicking my friends names to pm them would be asking me to support more, which would irritate me. This sounds like it could help get more new players to support, but would only be annoying for those already supporting.

    Your attitude sounds kind of rude. Just because I don't like this suggestion, does not mean it is a bad suggestion. Also does not mean I don't think it would help EMC. It just means I do not personally like it. Please do not be rude towards me because of my opinion, when I am not being rude to you.
  12. That make no sense at all...
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  13. I think I see where the confusion is. The purpose of the idea is to show players what the different colors are. If that means they want to support then that is always a plus, but the reason for having this is to keep people informed. The hover thing won't encourage you to support and only gives you the information you need to understand who those players are. I once had a player think I was a moderator. They began sending me pm's in game about help with something. I figured they just thought I looked helpful. Once they figured it out (I said I couldn't teleport anywhere) the players was definitely a little frustrated and confused. This would prevent these kind of situations because they would see that someone is a supporter as apposed to a moderator.
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  14. Great feature, but pointless to include in /ps. If you wouldn't like it, just don't hover names lol.
  15. The intent of this is to provide players with info about supportership, chat channels, areas, etc, not encourage supportership (although that's always a plus), as jkrmnj noted.
  16. imo it would be better for them to just add this into the tutorial. The whole point of the tutorial is to teach new players about EMC and the important stuffs
  17. Possibly could change it to something like

    salesman200 is away.
    Click to PM this user.

    after the player's been on the server for about a month, as by then they would have most likely gotten the whole mod/supporter/regular/admin thing down.
  18. Putting it in the chat also makes sense. This will put relevant information to a player when that information is needed. As Salesman said above me, additional information could be included too.
  19. Courier New + Bold = Sexy Minecraft(ish) text.

    Good idea.
  20. What about people who skip it or don't pay attention, or just forget it in general?
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