Houses totally 100% built by me

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  1. These are totally 100% built by me. Please do not google Minecraft House because I did not steal these from them...

  2. *searches google for Minecraft Houses*
  3. Can I post pictures of the stuff i've built? I just want to share it!:)
  4. Finds hundreds of YouTube videos by others about making these houses
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  5. Very nicely done!

  6. Isn't this Alvor and Sigrid's house from Skyrim?? :p
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  7. uhhhh...
  8. Why don't you check Google and find out? ^^
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  9. According to my experience building this, it is just a simple wooden house.
  10. *snickers* Good one :3
  11. 300px-AlvorandSigridsHouse.jpg couldn't find a bigger picture... :p
  12. Dont even need to Google it, just open the images in a new table and check the names/address bar. :p That is how I caught one phony in the art thread lol (yes, I know SkyD is not trying to pass these off as his).
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  13. So
    • DeviantArt
    • YouTube
  14. No, I made this all by myself. I actually made another house. Here
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  15. Well, I applaud you for using another different site for the fourth lol
  16. I do not know what you are talking about...
    Mod, please delete Rainbows posts for trying to spread rumors about me lying about my 100% self-made houses.
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  17. Wow, these are pretty impressive! Can I hire you to build that last one on my 3rd res?
  18. Sure, 1 million rupees per build!
  19. Deal, I'll pay you when the job is done.