Hosting a PRIVATE Cube World server using Hamachi

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Biscuitboy, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. If you want to join just send me a PM and I can get you all the info you need.
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  2. Cubeworld?
  3. Yeah, that's why I wondered, it just recently came up even though you could do it before and it just seems silly for people to be banned for this since people have done it since I joined.
  4. I can see why it would be banned for MC related servers. But I mean there is a seperate forum section for this type of stuff, it's not like I'm posting this in the auctions section.
  5. Cube world isn't even out yet :confused:
  6. Alpha is.
  7. You can buy the game in Alpha and play it. That's how erosego is making her lets plays and other people have it. It's currently $20USD and will go up once it's out of Alpha.
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  8. Just like minecraft! I bought this account for only 19.95 but, now it is more in USD, like 27.65 I think.
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  9. I'm not seeing any way to download this game at all. How are we supposed to play it?
  10. It's a hidden link that you have to get to via direct URlL
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  11. almost called you out on that, then i saw it.
  12. Hey, in accordance with the new rule posted, we'd like to keep this within all games to remove any kind of "advertising" from the forums/in game.

    You did nothing wrong Biscuit, so no worries, it's just a new policy we're going with since we're growing rather large, and plan on doing some mass marketing very soon, so we don't want others coming and seeing it's okay to advertise other things.

    You're of course more than welcome to talk with friends privately on EMC, to share with them the info. :)
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