Hostage Situation

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  1. Hey Empire, guess what? MORE HOSTAGES.
    Oh, but these aren't your normal hostages. Well, hostage. OH WHO CARES?!

    I want 1 bazillion rupees in 3 to 5 business days, or he get's it.
    And just to make the point I'm not fooling.

    The clock is ticking...
    Tick, tick, tick...
  2. *sees thread*
    "Hostages? Oh no!"
    *sees it's only a macbook*
    "lol, nvm"
  3. The last time I saw a macbook that old I fell off my dinosaur.
    But seriously, that thing is ancient.
    Even if it was new, you wouldn't have the guts to waste that much money.
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  4. I'm sorry, did you even see the Lifebook?
  5. Plz destroy that computer. Having it alive is kind of a crime....
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  6. Does that type of macbook enjoy getting smashed and destroyed?
    I think so.
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  7. Fine, give me a bazillion rupees or the Macbook gets to go home.
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  8. *pays 1 million*
  9. I said one bazillion!
  10. You know what Mac's that old are good for?
    Semi-Auto M4's

    I have honest to god used one as a target.
    M4's are fun.....
    Destroying Shooting about 30 rounds into an old computer and leaving nothing left to even identify that it was a computer in the first place is more fun.
  11. Oh, it's only a Macbook. NvM.
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  12. moveing along, nothing to save here.
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  13. I think we would all pay you to destroy it.
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  14. This is pretty much everyone here right now i think.
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  16. LOL, Spencer, got an extra M4?
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  17. My father and I going to buy a bunch of em after this whole gun ban crap has blown over.
    Maybe i can lend you some ;) :p
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  18. I prefer to turn computers into Linux machines rather than shoot them.
    I'm typing this on a computer from 2007.
  19. So it has the same specs as the latest $2000 Macs that have come out a couple of months ago?