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  1. Well EmpireMinecraft have recently become 1.6 so that means we get to have horses XD!
    First of all since horses have different stats, why don't make an obstacle/race track event or competition area to see who has the best horse or the one who can manage the best their horse.
    What we would also be good is a way to see a horse's stat without turning it into egg but they must be tamed or else getting the best breed in the wild would be unfair (if there is a way forget what I said)
    What might be also a good idea is a horse parking area at the spawns point so that way you don't need to go looking for your horse if u left them near spawn when u come back into the wild. It's a way not to spend rupees to get eggify them-

    I would like to put more details but I just want to type these ideas before I loose them like I usualy do XD so if u don't understand just ask questions
  2. You can check your horse's stats while riding it by typing /horse.
    You can also store your horses using /stable store, and get them back by using /stable summon (horse #).
    Check out this post for more information.
    Also, I agree with horse racing. I think over time, people will get better and better horses, so stats won't be as big of a deal.

    Edit: Due to how difficult it is to prevent cheating, maybe we should have a horse racing event like the mob arena? You really need a 120x12o res to keep things interesting, which most people don't have.
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  3. It's kinda what I wanted to suggest XD an event like the mob arena but like with a competition more varied. For exemple: one event allows Free-For-All stats (any horse stat accepted) and another event only horses with under 50% speed/jump to make things more fair and so on so on
  4. The horse racing sounds like a suggestion for people to build on their residence.
  5. I just think about it and I don't think just on the residence is must be in the frontier! XD lol Different people can organise a track in the frontier and we might as well one day combine all these tracks and forme a server cups. In a way it'll organise new sceneries in the wild and will give more use for it.
  6. I see no way how this would work.
    1. People fight
    2. Frontier is not safe
    3. Griefers
    4. People would have to ride their horse or walk to the place and possible die.
    5. How is 120x120x64 not enough room?
  7. Have you ever tried riding a fast horse around a 120x120 res? It takes way less time than you'd think... though because you said 120x120x64, I just realized that the track could have multiple levels in a spiral shape... now that could be interesting.