Horses disappearing

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  1. I'm trying to start a horse business, and I keep having the problem of my breeder horses disappearing. I'm a newbie, and I really can't afford to lose 8kr horses. :< I was under the impression that when the spawn cap was achieved, it just wouldn't allow you to make any more, not that it'd take some away. Is this a known issue?
  2. Yes this is a known issue but if Aikar ever comes on he can explain it to you, it is just a dumb bug that is in the code or something :/
  3. I'm not sure but I think if horses walk off your res they don't come back. If they are not in a cage that could be your problem.
  4. try and re-log that may help
  5. Aikar is on like all the time, he's just too busy stalking me and my mining techniques to fix the bug :D
  6. I know how ye Feel, I once lost a 128 Speed I was using to breed because of this. Sorry to Hear that =P
  7. It heavily depends on the situation.

    When mobs can walk off your residence then they usually get teleported back after a while. However, there is a chance that this system haywires a little after which mobs can indeed disappear. I've checked this a few times (my animals can actually walk between my 2 SMP2 residences) and I noticed that when they keep standing on the town path (so between my residences) that there is a chance that they go poof. Usually they teleport back though.

    Solution here is easy, as suggested by others above: pen them in using fences and a fence gate.

    But if you already have the animals penned in then it isn't a normal / known issue that they disappear. In that case I'd check your set up and also any permission flags which you might have set. Just to rule out that someone could have taken them.
  8. They are like 30 blocks below street level in pens they physically cannot leave. However, I do bump on the entc limits sometimes and have to go kill some chickens before I can breed my horses. I egg every horse I'm not breeding. So I have no idea what I could have done differently. If it happens a few more times, I'm going to have to scrap the breeding business for lack of funds.
  9. Do you also have villagers on your residence? Because that could be a possible cause: villagers breed automatically and when they do they don't honor the entity limit. And that can indeed result in existing animals disappearing.
  10. I do have villagers, but this problem started before I had more than 2 villagers on the property.

    Edit: I just egged every villager I have who has access to bump uglies with another villager. Hopefully this will stop so I don't have to stop my business before it begins. :p
  11. If you have too many mobs on your res i think it despawns a mob.. i had over the amount of mobs but then my villagers disappeared :/ i lost my 131.7 something horse cus it never came back to my res
  12. If you're over the entity limit, SYSTEM will automatically start massacring if you don't. I'm pretty sure there's a warning message, but I don't have 100 animal eggs to test it. ;)
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  13. Stay away from the /entc limit if you want to keep horses, animals or villagers. Give yourself some padding (like 10-15 entc). I lost some perfect 1.7 villagers that I'll never get back :(

    You may also want to turn animal damage flag off if you're breeding horses on the res. Expensive accidents happen.
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  14. I have a chicken cooker that is probably the problem, then. I'll try that too.
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  15. Fences are buggy, I wouldn't use them. I personally use glass block enclosures for my horses. They have rarely gotten stuck in them, and unlike other solid blocks, they don't cause damage. I have found that when and animal get stuck in a fence, it can get shot out the other side, potentially into a solid wall, which kills it. Adult horses require a two block wide hole to fit through, so you can just have a one block wide entrance with no worries of escaping.:)
  16. I've kept my ENTC under 50 all day, and I still managed to lose two more. I hate the look of glass in a stables, but that may be the only way.

    Edit: I'm at /v thistle_bristled on SMP7 if anyone feels like giving specific advice to my situation.
  17. I've never lost a horse at /v kevmeup
    I use stone slabs with glass at head level. It let's me see in but keeps the horses from any shennanagens.You might take a look. I have fence gates on each but I can leave them open unless I have a baby in there.