Horse Shop Update

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  1. Updated my shop. From now on I only sell speeds from 120 up to 130% (in the speed section) and changed some prices.

    Also from now on I have 4 derp chests.
    -One with speed derps which are horses with speeds below 59%
    -Jump derps which are horses with less then 56% jump. Lowest for sale atm is 47% jump.
    -And I have a chest with health derps which are horses that aren't very healthy and have less then 17hp.
    -Also a derp chest with horses that have derp stats, but not rare enough to be uber derpy.
    These go for just 25 rupees per egg. The rare ones for 100.
    These are collectors items and for those who are interested.

    -Spawned quite a few 125 and 126% speed horses, so for those who are interested. Got some stock.

    -Also had a good week with 89-94% jump horses and have some on stock. This are horses that jump 6 blocks high and have no trouble jumping on 5 block high building, walls, etc.
    These jump horses are your biggest friends if you go travel in the wild and frontier!

    Address: smp4 8028
  2. How much is the 47% jump?
  3. I sell those for 100r. The 47 is in front of the chest :)
  4. I'm currently in the wild on smp6, so would I be able to pay 150r for you to mail it to me?
  5. Send :)

    Got a 121% and 123% speed mule on stock!

    Transport your extra items extra fast!
  6. Great are the 59- speed derp horses in the speed section?
  7. Yes, they're in the corner where speed used to start :)
  8. Ok ;) just realized I'm at a public outpost in the wild and it's like a 10 min journey back to town... What are the slowest in there? And how many in total lol I'm a horse collecter XD
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  9. I had a 55, but for some weird reason I can't find it anymore. give me one or 2 days ok. I'll send you one as soon as I have a nice one.
  10. I like how you call it a "nice" one, while in fact it really isn't much good :p
  11. These are collectors items u know ;p
  12. Send on with 55.28% speed :)
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