Horse Fun with Friends!

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  1. 2013-07-27_00.02.54.png
    Post your pictures of friends on horses!
    We are currently at almsot 2 DCs of horse eggs :DDD
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  2. That's a bit cruel... I mean not to burst bubbles but not sure if they respawn and it leave little for others as each breed lowers their stats.
  3. 2013-07-26_21.02.04.png A wee baby zombie
  4. PM me if you wanna buy armor for some of those :D
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  5. Can someone explain horse stats
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  6. The higher the number the better the horse...
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  7. You just need to be bosses like us. Then you'll succeed.
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  8. 2013-07-27_00.11.26.png
    they make a good flaming decoration
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  9. Baby Pigmen FTW
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  10. I was sleeping when they did the update and when I woke up I went straight to the waste.. Looks like 99% of the horses are gone and I ended up buying one :(
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  11. Yeah, I was searching for them 15 minutes after the update and they were already gone.
  12. We stole them all while everyone is sleeping, like the grinch.
  13. ...and here I was thinking "if I can just find the colors I want I'll leave the rest since I don't think they respawn". Oh well.
  14. We wanted them all
  15. poo :(
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  16. You can breed other peoples horses and such for better colors :) and if you want i have plenty of horses you can buy / trade me for :D
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  17. eh, pay no attention. He's only gloating to get attention. I'm sure that if we wander out to new chunks in the frontier we might find some.

    Thanks Jcplugs, I will stop by and have a look. I will keep searching the wild though because it would be really fun to find some grazing around in a field.
  18. New chunks in the frontier? Good luck running 5k out and back to spawn just for a horse.. Which you could buy with 300r off of many people. I'd totally walk like 100 blocks for a horse but looking for new chunks is not work it. Maybe tomorrow I'll head out a few hundred blocks in the waste and see what I can get :p