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  1. Hey everyone

    So we know EMC has this wonderful feature that lets you have a look at varying horse stats, and this could in theory have to do with EMC and minecraft in general. I wanna know, how do these stats carry over when breeding horses? Do they average out or something?

    Also, if I am looking to breed a horse with decent all around stats (say like, 120 speed, 80 jump, 24 health) Would it be best to raise a few of each attribute, and get the ultimate ones to breed?
  2. What I've noticed is I never get as good stats on the babies as the parents have, so probably it is a good idea to have breeders with higher stats than you need in their offspring. I have two with 130 speed that I have been breeding with each other for months and not once have I gotten out a baby over 127. Most often I get between 123-125, sometimes much lower. I haven't played with it much since 1.9 upgrade though, so maybe Mojang tweaked the breeding process a bit (I would hope so, it was definitely off).
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  3. So, its more about luck?
  4. I don't know, something about the way it's programmed isn't very logical - I am only an amateur breeder though, perhaps one of the big-time horse breeders will get on here and contribute with some insight.
  5. I just started breeding with horses, and bought two Dashers for it. So I got a good start... But now I doubt it was it worth the rupees..
  6. According to a person on Smp2 it's entirely random. Colorwise and statwise
  7. Colors are not random at all, I breed polka-dotted horses, the colors and patterns are almost always from the parents. Occasionally a random one will be born but it is rare.
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  8. Indeed, colors aint random. Thats all I know for sure.
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  9. The horse stats are the average of the 2 horses and a random number. So if you have 2 134 speeds and the number happens to be 134 you will breed a 134. The colors I think are one of the parents with a small chance to be something else.
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  10. aaah alright, thankyou. :D
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