Hope to enjoy my time here.

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  1. Hey all.

    This is a pretty forum heavy server I see so I made sure to join it and of course, introduce myself.

    I am Anna and I hope you will forgive me if I am not super active here, as most of my preferred time would be in the game.

    I have been playing this game since Beta and I suppose I could be called a wanderer. I spent a lot of time going from server to server, not really happy with what I found. I stuck around a few times but they always got out of hand.

    I am hopeful of EMC however, as is structured tutorial and extensive information gives a very good show of stability. That and I won't have to deal with loons who wish they were the Joker... I can never again make homes of wood.
  2. Welcome to the Empire :) This really is a great server, I've been here since 2012! If you have any questions, then please do let us know!
  3. Welcome to EMC AnnaKavanna! I've been around since Oct. 2015 And have enjoyed every second of my time here. This is my first "Big Server" to play on with many other people. I love the town aspect, So you can once again make your home of wood and have no worries...

    Playing out in the wild is more of the survival aspect - Finding an awesome community out in the wild is one of the best things I could have done. True community survival at its best... although I suppose anyone could "grief or steal". Mods are pretty on top of that here - I've seen some wonderful reaction times and moderation first hand.

    The custom programming is like no other! Fighting the Mini-Boss (Marlix and Momentus) are very fun, and rewarding! All the custom resident commands and sign commands are enjoyable and really make this a unique MineCraft Experience!

    Check out the EMC WiKi for everything you need to know - Just don't over-inundate yourself right away, there is A LOT of information!

    I'm on /SMP 7 - hope to see you around!
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  4. Hi there!

    I just joined yesterday and I am loving it here! Hope to see you around smp7 :p
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  5. That is great DasBonnie! Will be on the lookout for ya! I come to town often enough, But spend most of my time in the wild! :)
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  6. Hello!
    I am Foxy, I have been here since October 2011. I reside in smp7 but Roam around like you do! Huh we got one thing in common! :p If you have questions you can either talk to me or consult the wiki for help! As always, it is fun to see new faces!
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  7. Welcome!! :)
  8. Hi Anna. Welcome to the Empire. Grieving does happen, but not often and punishment is swift and fair. We have great staff here and if you run into a problem, do not hesitate to contact them. I'm on smp 3 most of the time, but I have an outpost on smp1 and wander the wilderness of smp 8 quite often. If you need help and see me around, let me know. I'm sure you will enjoy it here. :)
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  9. Thank you all very much for the warm welcomes. I look forward to it.

    My stance on wood however stands. It must always stand...
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  10. Welcome to EMC! The community here is second to none. If you need anything you can find me on smp4. I'll be glad to help ya.:D
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  11. Welcome to the empire!
    Since everyone keeps saying when they joined, ;)
    I joined in 2014. (Don't argue about my profile)
    This is a great server and it always has cool updates that make minecraft life easier. I hope you like it here. :)
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  12. Hello Anna, welcome to EMC. If you give a shout out in town chat and no one replies don't feel bad, sometimes we get caught up in our game or we are chatting with someone at the moment or we are AFK. Don't get discouraged, we are a friendly group and many people will be happy to help if you need it or chat or go on an adventure. Feel free to cruise the neighborhood and see everyones house and build style. There is a Zoo, a museum, an amusement park and lots of other things to explore in town on the different smp's.

    Have fun, enjoy and have a wonderful day

    smp1 res 755
  13. Welcome Anna - you truly have stumbled upon an amazing server. If you ever need anything please ask :)
  14. Hi Anna,

    Welcome to the Empire!

    Not to worry. The main reason you're pointed to the forums is because those can really help support your game. But it's not really a necessity or anything. Though many people (yours truly included) basically consider it the "other half" of the EMC experience ;) For example; if I need to contact some of my friends and they're not online then I usually resort to a forum PM. That way we can even get hold of each other using Internet on a phone.

    The most important areas which might be of interest are the Help & Support forum; if you need help with something then that's a good place to turn to. And we got the Economy section. If you're looking to auction off products (which can be quite profitable) or promote your own shop (or services) then this is where to go to.

    But it really is icing on the cake. If you wish to focus entirely on your game then there's nothing stopping you :)

    Not to worry... One of EMC's key assets is the "Play your way" approach. Basically: you do whatever you like (within the rules obviouslty).

    When building on your residence then no-one will be able to mess with your things (not even your animals!) unless you give them permission to do so. So your stuff is always safe.

    Don't like the flat residence but wish for something more "survival'ish"? There's the Frontier; a non-resetting world which is just waiting for you out there ;) Of course, the downside to the Frontier is that it doesn't (yet!) have the same kind of protection as your residence has, but that's in the making.

    EMC too easy or too difficult for you? Or maybe something else is bugging you? Check out the /ps command; you can customize a lot of things, including the difficulty settings.

    So yah... Obviously I'm biased, but EMC is much more than your average server where the operators threw some mods together and basically let the players sort it all out. Everything you got here is set up with game balance and player satisfaction in mind (though, obviously, you can't please everyone on a server which has seen over 400,000 players ;))

    Right... Hope you're going to enjoy it here!
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  15. Welcome to EMC! Hope you like it here.
  16. You'll find some interesting mobs here, like the Marlix, a flying skeleton.
  17. Welcome to ze empire where dreams of adventure come true and where I ignore all of that and sell books.
  18. Welcome to EMC!!!
    Smp2 is my home if you need me... :)
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