Honoraries Society News and Updates!

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  1. Honoraries Society
    Members: ww2fan168( owner), Keliris ( Helper ), PlasmaBanana ( Help Trainee ), ChefNub ( Help Trainee )

    Welcome, we are the Honoraries Society. We where founded last week with the intentions to help out EMC one step at a time and expect nothing in return. Heres a calendar of what we plan to do, will be updated monthly.

    October: Halloween Event ( no news on what will happen till finished! )
    December: December Days ( 1st-25th ), 2k16 ( December 31-Jan 1)

    T0 be in this group you must be one of EMC's best at helping, and you have to apply as well at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1U8uKhMG4T-6ZRtikZpVEZds5E9SEcTWP-gjHZU-Nl30/

    SMP7 Project 2.0
    Funds: 300k

    October Festival
    Funds- 200k

    December Days
    Funds: 300-450k

    2k16 Party
    Funds: 400k

    As said before we are nonprofit meaning we expect nothing in return, if you have any questions comment it or send the Helpers and I a quick private message. As the events grow in our group, so will recruitments.

    Thank you.

    Selling Threads: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/service-god-gear-service.57886/#post-1044482 Cheap Armor

    http://empireminecraft.com/threads/selling-october-themed-items.57889/#post-1044589 Custom October Items
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  2. Progress Meter: 11% complete.
    - Community Chest harvest set up, no stuff filled in yet. 10/10/15
  3. If you applied will you get a pm say if or not you are in?
  4. Yes, more members will be added monthly or some of our current members might be regulated if they don't listen to the messages.
  5. BUMP! New deal with Nighthawk3846's business has been set up! He has joined the group and new prices may be added soon with some new armor :)