[ SELLING ] October Themed Items!

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  1. Hello EMC, its the Honoraries Society here with some custom Items!

    You can buy the customs invidiously or by the packages.

    Pumpkin Spice Latte- We've all waited so long for these! Get you Night Vision Potions that are renamed this for 200r each. ( SC in stock )

    (all other items are out of stock, sorry!)

    First 5 buyers get a free "Breast Cancer Awareness" banner, or you can PM me for one.

    You will receive items after I receive the rupees, thank you.
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  2. Silly mispell :)
    Yeah I won't mind selling mine especially since its renamed :)
  3. I will take 1 of each things listed here :)
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  4. I'll take one if everything
  5. I'll take 1 of each. Will pay tomorrow.
  6. Eh just look at McDonalds and Burger King they each sell similar things, just slight differences(no food debates please) and both make money. This matters even less so I see no issue. If you didn't have the idea for this item, don't make a fuss as it just isn't worth the debate and arguments in the end.
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  7. Package 1 & 2 please for a total of 1125r I believe. Thanks! Will pay tomorrow.
  8. I'll take one of each, pay as soon as I have the money! :D
  9. The breast cancer awareness banner seems kind out of place here. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for spreading awareness. Just seems a bit of an odd thing to include in a Halloween package. Maybe sell them separately?
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  10. I was told not too.
  11. I haven't counted things up but there may end up being a backorder, he listed some of the quantities in the main thread.
  12. I'll take... Package 1
  13. BUMP! If I received the payments set me a chest up at your first residence please!
  14. Kay
  15. I will pay sometime between now and tomorrow, and set up the chest. I will edit this post when I have done both :D

    EDIT:I have done both, please drop the Package 1 at my res.
  16. Paid and access chest is up for 1 of each item :)
  17. Ill take on off each item. Can you mail them as Ill include an extra payment?
  18. I would love to get your head will pay when I come one.