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  1. Hello EMC, as a part of the Honoraries Society we are starting this business after the old owner can't keep up with it. There are some new prices but it won't be too bad :).

    All orders will take about 2-4 days to complete. Max order is 4 sets per 28 hours.


    To order just leave a comment with the info and the

    Prices may change over time as market falls or rises.

    Unenchanted Armor
    Full set of Iron Armor (unenchanted): 20r
    Full set of Diamond Armor (unenchanted): 1,570r
    Diamond Helmet (unenchanted): 310r
    Diamond Chestplate (unenchanted): 500r
    Diamond Leggings (unenchanted): 480r
    Diamond Boots (unenchanted): 280r


    ALL Iron weapons/tools (unenchanted): 5r each
    Diamond Hoe (unenchanted): 215r
    Diamond Axe (unenchanted): 270r
    Diamond Sword (unenchaned): 215r
    Diamond Pickaxe (unenchanted): 270r
    Diamond Shovel (unenchanted): 99r

    -Power IV: 500r
    -Power V: 1,750r
    -Infinity I: 450r
    -Flame II: 1,200r
    -Punch II: 1,100r
    -Unbreaking III (All tools/weapons/armor): 1,200r

    -Protection IV: 2,300r
    -Fire Protection IV: 2,300r
    -Blast Protection IV: 2,300r
    -Projectile Protection IV: 2,300r
    -Thorns III: 1,500r
    -Aqua Affinity I (Helmets only): 800r
    -Respiration III (Helmets only): 1,000r
    -Feather Falling IV (Boots only): 1,000r
    -Depth Strider III (Boots Only): 1,500r
    -Unbreaking III (All tools/weapons/armor): 1,200r

    -Sharpness V: 1,500r
    -Bane of Arthropods V: 1,000r
    -Knockback II: 700r
    -Fire Aspect II: 750r
    -Looting III: 1,250r
    -Unbreaking III (All tools/weapons/armor): 1,200r

    -------------------Other Tools---------------------------
    -Efficiency V: 2,000r
    -Silk Touch I (Pickaxes, Axes, and Shovels only): 750r
    -Fortune III (Pickaxes, Axes, and Shovels only): 1,500r
    -Unbreaking III (All tools/weapons/armor): 1,200r

    --------------------Fishing Rods---------------------------
    -Unbreaking III (All tools/weapons/armor): 1,200r
    -Luck of the Sea III: 1,000r
    -Lure III: 1,000r

    Hope you enjoy :)
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  2. No more supporter discount and armor costs 50% more :(

    Oh well.

    - 30 sets of unenchanted diamond armor

    Total 47,100 rupees

    EDIT - Just saw the limit. Make that 4 sets then for 6,280 rupees.
  3. Order is ready. Come to /v 14765 to pick up, Ill show you where its at :)
  4. Okay, so now that the order is done, I'll make another order for 4 more sets.

    I'll also place another order for 4 more sets.
    And another order.
    And another order.
    And another order.

    So that's total 20 sets?
  5. Okay then. In that case, I would like to preorder 4 sets every 28 hours for the next week :)
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  6. 4 sets of unenchanted diamond armor + 1 diamond sword (sharpness V + Fire Aspect II + named "The S Kicker")
    I believe the total is 9,045 r. Paying right now.
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  7. How much for 2 sets of god armor?
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  8. I think the time has passed so I can order another 4 sets for 6,280? :)
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  9. You customize the armor to make your own god armor :)
  10. every enchant possible, all projectile protection IV how much for 2 sets?
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  11. All pricing is in the OP..
  12. I would like to order a Protection III, Thorns III, and Unbreaking III Diamond Chestplate. I didn't know whether the price included the diamond chestplate itself, or you just add the enchants up, so

    Price w/ diamond chestplate cost with enchants

    Price without diamond chestplate cost with enchants

    I'm okay with paying either - PM me or reply this message when you have the chestplate ready. Next time, I'll try and order boots, leggings, and a helmet. (I haven't calculated if I have the money to get all that stuff at the moment since I bought something pricey recently.)
  13. CLOSING.

    Will finish current orders but I must be paid first and those will be the last orders.
  14. Paid
  15. For?
  16. You said you'll do the last orders when you get paid. I ordered 4 sets of armor before you closed - and thus I just paid.
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  17. OK
  18. So I guess I'm next in line?