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  1. I need ideas on how to ask someone! I am kinda shy though...any tips...?
  2. Our school doesn't even have a homecoming... but I couldn't help you even if we did, I'm hopeless on this stuff. Good luck though.
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  3. that is stupid that they don't if your are in high school that is.

    PS i don't feel like having to spend money and having my parents get all in my business (for everyone else)
  4. Step 1: Walk up to said person
    Step 2: Make small talk
    Step 3: Ask if they have a date to homecoming
    Step 4: If answer is no, ask if they would like to go with you. If the answer is yes, say nice who is it
    Step 5: ???
    Step 5: Profit
  5. Lol easier said then done i just choke up all the time becuase i am not attractive at our school but am at others. IDK how that works though...i dont think i am ugly but i dont think i am a 10.
    I do parkour so i have abs if that helps at all...
  6. Abs won't help unless you want to be flashing them. Anyway, it's really nothing that big so you could even go by yourself and your friends and it will still be fun. I am a sophomore and I plan on doing whatever. So try not to make a big deal out of it, when you get to prom then you can make a bigger deal of it. If the person really wants to go with you they wont care what you look like.
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  7. My school as well does not have homecoming...
  8. That's coming up in a few weeks at my school, too. I haven't figured out who I'm going to ask, or if I'm even going to the dance, and just like you, I choke up when I try asking girls out.
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  9. True...
  10. Most people know me as sam"ladyman"simx, but that was too long for a MC name, so I am just samsimx. ;) So listen here to my tips on how to ask your lady-friend to homecoming.

    I too, am a shy individual. Most of the time around girls I just smile and laugh, but I have asked a few girls out to these kind of things so I know what I'm talking about :p

    Now of course the general answer will be "just ask here!!1!!1!", but it is really tough. Now I would never suggest asking out someone to anything over phone as it is a lot more sentimental to do so in person. Girls are usually hard to talk to alone since they are always with there friends or what not, so to combat this you should ask one of your friends to be your wingman. If you approach the girl with your friend and just start talking to her about her day and how she has been the conversation will start off smooth. Make sure you approach her with confidence because I'm sure that she is pretty nervous too. When making small talk throw something in about homecoming here or there asking her questions like "do you have a date" or "were you looking to go?", just general things like that to make it seem like you are pushing towards going with each other. Then throw out the, "wanna go with me?" and if she says yes then you're in the clear man!

    Good luck man and most importantly have fun! :D
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  11. Just be yourself and act like it's no big deal. Best idea is not to embarrass them, that will make them not want to go with you. And if they do say yes, just ask your parent to like pick them up or something and remain calm
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  12. Present yourself nicely. Parachute pants and "Sex Panther" cologne are a necessity.

    Grab a used cup of Caribou Coffee from the garbage and clean it up. You want Caribou because then she will for sure know that you are not some hipster who will take her to a vaping bar.

    Dye your chest hair red. Like, cherry red. The women are red lipped, the men are red ripped. Moto to live by.

    Bring a parrot. When you get bored of talking about the latest pair of high-heels she got, the parrot will take over the conversation. The parrot should not be red, unless it is very muscular.

    Bring a small dog too, with a squeaky toy. If you get a nervous squeak and she looks like she is embarassed, just look at the dog and say "Kingston loves his favorite squeaky toy!" and smile like you are damn proud of him.

    When paying for her dinner, ask if they accept Rupees. Everybody knows that high rollers pay with Rupees.


    That was essentially the advice I was given when I asked my brother's friends (except the Rupees, obviously). Clearly, do not take it seriously. You are nervous, so a little bit of humor (no matter how bad it is) can help you keep calm in the end.

    But for real advice, do not "chicken out." If you chicken out now, all you are doing is depriving yourself of good experience that you can use later when you find yourself an 11.
  13. Thanks needed the confidence. I will tell ya'll what happens tomorrow or Thursday. depends what day i ask. If it is a yes DROP PARTY at my place. with a 10k giveaway! for a random person who has posted helpful things on this page. If i have liked ur thread ur name is in for the drawing!!!
  14. The one thing that I've learned from experience is: girls love Star Trek and Minecraft shirts.
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  15. I would recommend purchasing this book :p
  16. lol. price. jk
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  18. I'm sorry; but what the heck is homecoming? 0-e

    We don't have that in England :p
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