Holy Mother Of Iron Gloem......

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  1. Lotta golem right there..
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  2. so lets build it?
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  3. I just afkd for a min on sp world with this, you get about a stack per minute......
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  4. It's decided. I'm making this.
  5. Wow, I didn't even know villeges could be that compact :confused:
  6. Qwerty can I make with you?
  7. im making this! got the area layed out already :p
  8. Making this in the new republic.
  9. good idea!
  10. For those that are making this let us know how ends up working with the reset function. I only ask because in the update video he says there will be problems if there are more than 100 villagers anywhere in the world or something. not sure if that is only for single player or if its a multiplayer thing to.
  11. If it does work, ill need a team of people to build this with me :)
    I'd be making about 1000 blocks away so we don't have a bunch of people coming...
  12. Id work with you qwerty...... :p
  13. I price of iron is about to go down further I think...
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  14. Yes indeed. xD
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  15. From like 4r to 1r an ingot...
  16. yea considering I got a whole single chest in about 30 minutes on sp, It is absolutely crazy.
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  17. Once again who i build this with?