[Holiday] Where's Fendy?

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  1. Hey there, Empire!

    As some of you may already know, I'm on holiday at the minute and will be for just over a week. So, I came up with the idea that each day (as time and hotel internet permits) I would drop you all a message and a couple of photos about my time to tell you where Fendy has been! ;)

    Day #1:
    Today involved getting up early and traveling for hours up into northern England. In between the travelings, we stopped off at Gaydon Motor Museum where I went to last year, to see if there was anything new! While there was not a lot different, I did snap a few photos on my DSLR...

    Black Focus ST Estate parked behind our Blue Focus ST in the car park

    Found a Rolls Royce with my initials in the plate

    I have some other photos taken from the day too, you may see some of them on my other thread, Fendy Photography! After traveling, lots of traffic and lots of rain, we arrived at the hotel and met the rest of our family there. We went out for a meal at a lovely restaurant and enjoyed some great food before returning back. We'll be here for four nights before traveling further north into England for another four nights!

    I hope you have enjoyed following me so far (in a totally non-stalker way), and I will keep you posted if possible! Thanks all! :D
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  2. Bump! If I have time, I'll write up Day #2 tonight ;) Watch the page and see how it goes! :D
  3. Day #2
    For day 2, we traveled to Hawes to go to the nice Chippie there and go to the Wensleydale Creamery where they make cheese and have a little cheese museum! I went around the museum with my family, saw how they made the cheese in the final stages of the process, and learned a little about cheese itself, including seeing sizes of the smallest and biggest cows ever recorded! I had a banana milkshake made with their very own ice creams and it was pretty good, and also bought some Coverdale cheese to try, which is fairly soft but is quite nice. Bishopdale is better, though ;)

    Picture from the car on the way to Hawes

    Day #3
    Today, we went into Skipton to shop for some things. I bought myself some luxuries at the confectionery shop, a can of Vanilla Coca-Cola (imported from the USA!), three Aero eggs (I haven't had these in ages!) and a pack of Dark Belgian Chocolate Thins. Those are the best things ever. We went to some other shops and some of the family went on a barge ride, before then traveling a few minutes out of town to Embsay village to go on a train! We went from Embsay to Bolton Abbey and then back again, and now we're in the hotel ready to get something to eat. Later on, we'll likely go down to the bar, get a drink, play a little pool, then head off and get ready for day #4 of out adventure!

    The train at Embsay Station

    Sorry this one was a bit late and I had to condense it into one post! I didn't have much time yesterday so I couldn't post Day #2, but here it is! Follow the thread to see the rest of the adventure! Have a good day :)
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  4. So do you Brits call what we (Americans) call "vacation," "holiday?" Even being a doctor who fan I have never heard that before :3
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  5. Yes, we call it a holiday! ;)
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  6. Have fun on your holiday :) Northern England has been a place Ive always wanted to visit.
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  7. Will you stop taking pictures of my cars :rolleyes:
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  8. Day #4
    No photos today, my camera was at the hotel while I was at a theme park! Today, we went to the Lightwater Valley Theme Park and we had lots of fun on roller coasters and scary rides :p One of which, called The Ultimate, is the longest roller coaster in all of Europe! Definitely a lot of fun :)

    Tomorrow, we travel to Durham further north in England, and I don't know how the internet is there but if it's alright then expect more updates later on!
    Thanks ww2fan! It's a nice place, weather isn't as nice sometimes though! ;)
    Good joke nfell... ;)
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  9. I hear they still use candles and horse and cart up north. You got no chance of internet.

    Yeah... a 'joke'...
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  10. Of course... Why didn't I think of that... :rolleyes:
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  11. Day #5
    Today, we traveled to Durham, visited Shildon Railway Museum where the likes of Green Arrow and the APT-E are kept, kind of like a spare museum extension of the NRM in York, and visited the Angel of the North. We also went swimming at the hotel and I've got to say that the pool, steam room, sauna and spa are all very nice, however we had a few hiccups with the hotel room, and even though we are now sorted, we still have a lamp that doesn't work, a non-locking bathroom door and a toilet that sounds like bomb when you pull the chain, but other than these things it's all been good so far! Planning to go to Beamish sometime in the next few days, so you may hear about that later... Picture time! (No editing on them today, hotel internet is being as slow as a slug)

    APT-E at National Railway Museum in Shildon

    Angel of the North
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  12. Hey! My train! I was looking for that. And that angel has been missing from my garden for the last 17 years!
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  13. Sigh... It wasn't missing if Northern England is your garden anyway! ;)
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  14. You do know I'm going to keep doing these jokes to your all posts... not just this thread <3
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  15. Day #6
    Today, we traveled into the shops of Durham and explored the markets and attractions. While walking around the cobbled streets in look for more shops, we saw this classic car rolling down the street, I think it looks like a good car for the mafia... ;)

    We then wandered down to Durham Cathedral and took a good look around there. here's a picture of one of its towers from outside!

    Tomorrow, I believe we are traveling to Beamish, a decently sized area that is dedicated to the 1930's, so all the shops and so on are all styled in a classical way! At least, this is what I've heard... I'll be able to tell you all about it tomorrow!
    Oh... :rolleyes:
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  16. My old car :( I miss that car. Also, why are you on my property? That is my third summer house and you're trespassing!

    On a side note; have you ever heard someone from Wolvo or Dudley speak?
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  17. Pro photographers have no limits :rolleyes:

    As for your question, no I haven't :p
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  18. Lol I am from dudley, luckily no accent :p
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  19. You sure? ;D I wanna hear you speak now xD
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  20. Just noticed this... IS THAT THOMAS?!
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