Holiday Promotional Item #1: Santa's Magic Bag

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  1. Mrs. Claus uses only the finest thread to sew together Santa's special gift bag. This year, she decided to make him a brand new one (something about auto-inventorying technology being installed) and allowed us the privilege to give out this old model. There simply is no other like it. The magical thread refuses any addition of dyes that try to change its deep red hue and is stitched to perfection. This bag even comes with the leftover gifts that were accidentally left behind in the transfer to Santa's new bag. You'll find a cookie, some milk, a diamond, and even a piece of coal! Once you finish emptying it out, use this bag to store your favorite items and carry them with you in style. Even if you place it, the magic will stay with the bag!

    Type /promo magic to claim yours today. Only one per account though. These will not be sold in the /shopworld. They will be available until at LEAST new years. (It's a renamed red shulker box with a Final enchantment so it can't be dyed.)

    Warning: Because this is a shulker box, it is under the same no-vaulting restrictions as all shulker boxes. So the server you claim it on is the server it stays on! (until you empty it)

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  2. I shall claim 6 of them, Maybe more >_> <_<
  3. It's red! Yus!
  4. woot woot =)
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  5. This is very nice. Thank you!
  6. PSA: You CAN vault these since empty Shulker Boxes can be vaulted, however just note that you can't vault it with the items still in it. However, vaulting it with the items outside of it should not hurt it in any way... in case anyone was wondering that.
  7. OMG I LOVE THIS IDEA >.< Thanks Kryssy and the team!
  8. Sounds cool. I'm in.
  9. Im curious what the other items are, the ones you can see under the Item name

    Apears to be 3 more shulker boxes (maybe failed versions of this) a diamond pickaxe and a name tag
  10. Pickaxe was used for testing breaking. Other boxes were different lore colors to compare. Name tag was to test ability to rename.
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  11. Ok lol thank you

    Im learning im apparently a very curious person

    Edit: i guess i already knew i was a curious person xD
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  12. It's fine to be curious. I just won't tell you everything sometimes ;)
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  13. Love all the new promos that are being announced!!! Keep them coming!!
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  14. Understandable :p need to have some suprises
  15. This is my 2nd day logging into my alts for promos, you are overloading us!
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  16. Worth off this promo?
  17. So, what you are saying is that this is a usable item that keeps it's attributes even after you place and break it?