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  1. Hello EMC members I am looking for one person to design my 2 residence. What do you want? I would like my residence designed like Bilbo Baggings home town of Hobbiton. Not know what that is well look it up for ideas. I would like it to be hilly and and in the center I would like for there to be a well and a town hall type building. I would like for there to be bridges and water falls from cornes going to center. I would like for there to be in the center of one side be my house like Bilbo Baggin's Home. I would like it to be surrounded on all sides by houses in hills. I would like for the houses to be decorated also to look nice. Now I don't want it to be to cramped thought. There is no limit on how much houses or what you can do just let your emotions take you. It will need to be decorated like it is in the middle of the woods. Also this residence is on utopia. Where do you want it built? I would like for you to build it in single player then take photos or whatever works best for you to show it off. What is the reward? Now there dosen't always have to be a reward. Well there is. The person who I pick to build it on my fourth residence will be given an Emc 2016 new years firework plus a feast paper and also a few other promos. You will have whatever you need to use. Closing Date? Whenever I have a good one I will use is when it will close. Now let the building begin. There also may be updates to this because I will always leave stuff out. If you have any questions or clarifications just write it down in the comments. Also I would like the submissions pm to me. Also the winner who designed it will be the one building it. Ty all for your submissions ahead of time.
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  3. Change in plans now will need to be built for a utopia res. Why the change? Because go big man!!!! and also the would I would like to be spruce on the outside of the house mixed with oak on the inside and just oak and spruce as the trees for the build with oak and spruce bushes and stuff
  4. Wow! This project sounds so much fun. Though I can't build it because a project like this won't go that well for me.
    I really like the idea and good luck to the person who will build it :).
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  5. When I first joined EMC, I built my res to be similar to Bag End. Scale was an issue, doing it on an Utopia res would be better as you said. I had built the room shell out of wood planks, then covered it with dirt except a border around the windows and doors.

    If you have The Atlas of Middle Earth, there is a drawing of Bag End with a scale, it's what I used.
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  6. Lol and that is why I aint doing becuase I messed around with it and just didnt work
    okay keep that in mind for the person
  7. Yeesshh, I really don't like using utopia. What good is it not showing to a majority that are on regular smps? Anyways just my opinion but your have some terriaforming to do :p
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  8. Anyone can visit Utopia, but only Gold or Diamond supporters (I believe) can claim a res or go to the waste or frontier. Granted, I am not certain on the traffic of visitors.
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