hmmm what is there to say about me

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  1. Hello I'm Laydhighness
    just wanted to say im enjoying smp7
    and i love the people that are involved with it!!!
    if you want to get to know me please feel free to ask questions!
    here is a picture of my last days of my beautiful home of Hawai'i
    =( sorta kinda miss it.. its a hike in kaneohe

  2. Yeah!!! Smp7. Welcome to EMC, hope we become friends soon :D.
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  3. Do you prefer frontier, wastelands or town?
  4. That's on the main island, right? That's the mountain with all the mud? I remember hiking there this July!
  5. Welcome to the Empire! Hopefully see you around on smp7 soon :)
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  6. Same as well :)
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  7. Welcome to the Empire! I hope you enjoy your stay. :)
  8. Good to see a new face on the forums. We hope you continue to enjoy your time here at EMC =]
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  9. Welcome to EMC! I know you'll love it, but good luck anyway! I can't wait to see you ingame!
  10. :cool: Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
  11. Welcome to the Empire! :p
    I hope you enjoy your time here~ n.n
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  12. I want to go to Hawaii one day... :p

    Anyways, Welcome to EMC. I hope you enjoy your stay.
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  13. Nice picture, enjoy your stay and good luck on your adventures and endeavors.
  14. Welcome to the empire! :D And oh that is so beatiful! <3
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  15. dat tiny text doe
  16. Really? LOL
  17. This is my sister Espi808 say hi Espi808
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  18. Hello everybody! You can call me Espi. the number's in my name isnt random they mean somthing to me. 808 is hawaii's area code. Now that we don't live there anymore! D:
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  19. Lol you two are awesome players. (Layd and Espi)
    Glad to see you both are on the forums!
    Be sure to watch for events and post a lot!
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  20. Yep I agree with that 100% . You two seem like a awesome duo. From what I have gathered so far you like building. If we are both online at the same time I want to give you a task. Apart from that if you need anything items from my mall are free for both of you :) (14010 if you didn't know)
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