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  1. My name is LunerHive... or Luner I like that better xD. I found this server in my mega builder book and decide to join. Best decision ever lol, I love this place very much, the community is so friendly, and hope I get to meet everyone here! I am also building my shop to get it running in the town on SMP2 and some other fun thingies so I be hovering around my plot a lot.

    Little about me: I like nature, building in blocks of Minecraft, farming in Minecraft, making organics in Minecraft, games, art, etc, coffee, coffee flavor anything and did I mention I like coffee lol? I can name more but eh I like too much things ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Welcome to the EMC family! If you need anything at all please ask :)
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  3. Welcome to the Empire! :D

    What's this?
  4. Welcome to EMC! If you have any questions just ask :)
  5. Kk, Ty for the welcome :D!
    Ty for the welcome :D! It's a book I found in my bookstore it shows servers, etc "The Most Complete Guide to Minecraft Secrets, Creations, Hacks, and Strategies"
    Ty for the welcome!
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  6. Is EMC on like a server list in the book? Or is something else mentioned? I kinda want the book now lol
  7. Well, that sounds cool, I didn't expect EMC to be in any books officially produced!
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  8. Yea its on like a server list, EMC is on the Top 10 Spotlight servers in the book, while EMC is the first three you see in the book pg. 263, giving the server IP, pictures, and a short paragraph talking about it's uniqueness!
  9. That sounds pretty cool!
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  10. Dear god... we've gone... Barnes and Noble....
  11. Welcome to the Empire. I'm sure I'll see you in-game. My plot of town land is on smp2 as well.
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  12. Welcome to the Empire! You'll love it here, sounds like you've settled in already!
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  13. Welcome LunerHive to the empire, where the skele-ton of fun never dies ;)
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  14. Hi Luner. Welcome to the Empire. Glad you are enjoying yourself. :)
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  15. Welcome Luner, I have 1 question :p Marvel or DC
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  16. Welcome, watch out for rainbowchin
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  17. Welcome again! Never thought I would meet somebody else who found EMC via book.
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  18. Welcome to EMC LunerHive, Just a quick tip. Watch out for EvilToade ( ;) ), he like to eat new comers. J/K. :rolleyes:

    Hope yu have a great time here, I have and have been here about 80 days now I think.

    My shop/mall/farms are on smp7 /v +cube , stop by sometime for a tour.
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  19. Welcome, dont venture out into the lands of smp8. And never accept raw fish givent to you. Never.
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  20. Marvel is my fav but DC is good too :p

    Ty everyone for the warm welcomes :D!
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