Hitting the Voter Bonus 300 mark!

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Daguman, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. Boom babe yeah! I finally hit my Voter Bonus 300 mark boyohs! With that came 71,200 rupees, 10420 tokens and the Voter’s Fishing Rod. Man, it took a while to get to 300, but I finally made it! I’m wondering whether to stop and then start from 1 again or just keep on to 301. :D

    Just another thing added to my ever growing collection! Welcome to the Butter Zone! Population! Me! ;)
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  2. Grats :) My bonus never seems to work >.<
  3. I got mine the other day too! Those 10k tokens are the best part, imo :)
  4. y'all wanna sell your voter's gear? =D

    gratz btw
  5. Congrats!
  6. I might be able to sell a few things, all of the iron tools (except shears) can be sold along with a pair of the boots. Before you ask, no diamond voters tools and not the rod :)
  7. Wow nice job! I'm at 53 currently but hope to get to the end myself. You should keep it going incase they ever add new items. BTW if you start over you don't get the rewards again do you :confused:?
  8. You'll continue to get bonuses to rupees/tokens. Remember you dont get bonuses twice for same vote level, so starting over hurts emc and you :p keep going!
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  9. Ha ha ha, congratulations there! I'm not jealous at all, no sirree ;)

    Naah, this is really cool. I'm only at day 38 right now (looking forward to 40) but at least I know how long I need to continue before I can safely fish in the wastelands :) (take that creepers!) :p
  10. Ya I figured the rewards would not pop again lol As far as starting over agaon, does this mean you don't get rewards such as diamonds, emeralds, etc or just stuff like the tools , armours, voucher, etc.?
  11. Congratulations on your bonus! I am quite close to the 300 mark now too, can't wait! ;)
  12. When you get rewards at say level 300 as he got, if you go below 300 then re-hit 300, you won't get anything special because you've already received the bonus.

    If you reset to 0, all 300 levels will be the same baseline rewards, nothing extra. you only get rewards when you reach a new bonus you've never achieved before.

    Though I am considering a change to make it so you can only lose at most 15 levels off your streak, to encourage those who have dropped significantly to keep going, so it doesnt seem like such a major task to catch back up.
  13. Congrats Daguman. I'm just past the half way mark to your 300, so it looks like I'll hit the 300 mark some time in June. :)
  14. Yus :D
  15. This would be amazing. Just in case you miss a day while on vacation or something.
  16. Yeah I second that.

    Personally I lost my streak because of no service and hotels' not having any wi-fi (when I was traveling for work). :(
  17. Are those diamonds, emeralds, vault vouchers and stable vouchers also with the 300th vote?
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  18. I don't approve this name. lol
  19. But butter is so smooth and goes great with toast. :p
  20. I'm up over 300 now, think I hit 335 today.