[HIRING] Good Medieval Builder

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  1. Job:

    • Build a medieval themed weapon/armor store in a certain time.
    • Size around 40x40/50x50.
    • Bring a portfolio with you in the direct message, so I can see what you have build before.
    • Budget will be around the 1 million.
    • Be willing to update the store when 1.14 comes out.
    Please be sure you are able to finish the build!!!
    Any questions? Or are you interested?
    Send me a dm.
    I wont react to reactions on this thread!
  2. Right at this moment I am still looking for a builder!
  3. I could do just the deisgn for you, if you want? I don't really ahve the time to do something in-game :)

    Also, do I need a portfolio? :p
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