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  1. What: The demolition of 3 separate buildings
    When: Anytime before this Friday
    Where: /v 18467 on SMP9. The res is currently closed to the public, but I have attached pictures. Use /v 18468 to visualize it in-game if you need to.
    Why: I need these 3 buildings taken down in order to expand my house and shop.
    Payment: I am willing to pay either in rupees, or agree to allow you to keep a set amount of the materials taken down.


    • You must be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. I can't accommodate someone who is constantly taking breaks, simply because it will interrupt my construction.
    • You must have been an EMC member for 125+ days. Anyone can view this by doing /p username in game.
    Please comment below with an offer including how many days you've been on, how many rupees (and/or how much material you'd like), and how often you can be on. I will supply any and all tools- with the exception of silk touch axes to remove the glass & keep it.

    Thank you!

  2. Well, I have been on for about 120 days, yes I know 5 days before your Limit, but does 5-4 days really make much of a diference? I have Efficiency 5 Unbreaking 3 diamond tools (Silk on the Shovel, for Glass) as for Rupee amount, I'll check out the building ASAP, as I am currently not home, and the Album will not work for me :p
    As for Breaks and etc, I will only be gone to repair my Tools if needed
  3. I will use TNT! And whatever is left from the original boom will be taken down from my god axe, pickaxe, and shovel.
  4. I don't want to use tnt for 3 reasons: Cost, Messiness, and risk of damaging other blocks. I have VERY intricate and expensive red stone systems hidden below the res and other things near the building I can afford to have broken. The TNT flag will be off.
  5. That sounds good. 4/5 days doesn't matter at all, and I don't think you will need a spade because the building is being taken to ground level, no dirt except for the few blocks randomly placed
  6. Okie doke, so, When should I come over to do it?
  7. Well as soon as we negotiate a price. Have you gone over to have a look yet?
  8. Yes, How does around 10k sound? (Maybe Factoring some of Ench Bottle costs if I need to repair? I'll try to get as Cheap as possible for those)
  9. Is the job done yet? I would also love to help. I have been on over 125 days. I have silk picks, and I work fast. I don't steal either. I also have efficiny tools.
  10. The job is done yes
  11. Why do you have to be a member for 125 days? I have been here for about 34 days.
  12. Darn. Let me know if you need help next time. I am the type of person who enjoys demolishing things >:3
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  13. Although I'm not the OP I still think I can answer this: it goes to credibility and reliability. People who have been on EMC for a longer period are usually familiar with the way things work. And because they have been online longer they've also shown a bit of commitment to the server.

    Of course this doesn't always work: I've seen players who have been on EMC for 1000+ days and knew very little about the basic mechanics.
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  14. The job has been done. A mod may close this thread
  15. I know lots about the mechanics, probobly cause I read almost all the wiki.
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  16. The best way to achieve that is to report the first post and then ask that it gets closed.

    Thanks! :)
  17. Thread closed as requested.
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