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  1. Hi, My name is Jake_bagby and i own and manage the 9008 arena, However i can not do it all on my own so i am going to need 1-2 more managers to make it all run smoothly. If you would like to know more about the arena before applying click here. Unfortunately one of my managers (nfell2009) was banned the other day so i need someone to cover. To be a manager at the arena you must most importantly be trustworthy! You also need good communication skills and know how to deal with problems. You will need to be a active member in game and on site. Being a member of smp4 also helps! when events are on to help me set up and clear up after events! (this includes spleef!) You may also have to sell tickets to customers when i am not on. Pay varies on how much you do so its hard to say a specific amount. If you want to apply please fill in this form (Depending on interest, competition may be high, so don't be disappointed if you don't get the job!)
    Have you ever been banned before (be truthful)-
    What server do you play?-
    How often do you play?-
    Are you a good communicator?-
    Other information (fill anything you want here)-
    If you have any questions or want to know more information, please ask below or PM me! :)
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  3. Name: About 1 inch to the left :)
    Have i ever been banned: No.
    What server do i play: smp9, smp3, smp1, play all servers at random times... just mostly those
    How often do i play: 8 hours a day
    Are you a good communicator? Heck yes!
    Other Info: Any people who don't follow rules with be EXTERMINATED!
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  4. Wait... does liking my post mean i'm hired?
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  5. Nope, although the application looks good, you will know in the next few days if you're hired
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  6. Jake, if I do get unbanned can I still be manager etc?
  7. Of course you can, you will always be part of the arena, i just needed some people to help me out anyway!
    Also you will be proud of me, i rigged up another redstone feature to the control room by myself! it allows you to turn the beacon On-Off!
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  8. I was going to make that too! xD
  9. Lol, I find it funny when people ask for the name :p
  10. So do i, i don't even know why i put it on lol aha
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  11. Maybe for security :rolleyes:
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  12. Bump!
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  13. Name: <-----
    I have nt been banned on EMC (kicked once don't know why?).
    I play on smp6 but I use the vault a lot.
    I would say about 1 or 2 hours a day sometimes I will give it a break for a day.
    Are you a good communicator?: Well i'll answer any questions asked to me.
    Other information: I know quite a bit on red stone so if you want anything red stone related just ask :).

    I wouldent mind no being a manager and I would prefer to be just a mod helping with red stone contraptions. :)
  14. Bump!
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  15. Name- <---
    Have you ever been banned before (be truthful)- Yes.
    Reasons- Temp Ban per request =P
    What server do you play?- I fly around.
    How often do you play?- At least once a day.
    Are you a good communicator?- Pretty much, yeah.

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  16. For a second I thought you meant you fly around on servers lol
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  17. HACKER! xD
  18. Lol ikr.
  19. Name: I forgot.....
    Have you ever been banned before (be truthful)- yeahhhh
    Reasons- for 1 day for being rude it was my 5th day playing and I come from hardcore factions
    What server do you play?- SMP5 VETERANS
    How often do you play?- 1-2 hours on weekdays and 0-4 on weekends, depends if I'm home
    Are you a good communicator?-yes,have an iPod that I use to check forums + Skype if u want it
    Other information (fill anything you want here)- umm seems like a fun thing to do..have money to burn on stuff...like helping the community and love the idea of big arena games. If I became moderator, I would make this fly wayyyy farther than it is now. I like a project although I can't state my ideas yet. I dont play my hand

    Looks great! Ill check it out tomorrow